Press Review 09.06.14

Official newspapers continue to write about the participation of President Ilham Aliyev at the NATO summit in Wales, as well as his meetings held during the summit.


"Azadlig" writes that the sites of oligarchs that have been criticized by the head of the Presidential Administration Ramiz Mehdiyev criticism, preparing for his answer.

Head of the organization "Freedom House" David Kramer called the human rights situation in Azerbaijan ugly.

The newspaper writes that the Azerbaijani broilers will operate on the Russian market, which will lead to a rise in price in the country of chicken and chicken products.

Official Tehran refuses to register the names of Turkish origin, calling them "foreign", according to sources in South Azerbaijan.



Metropolitan Traffic Police said that on the roads of the country over seven months of this year were killed in the accident 609 people, and 1,483 a person were injured.


"Bizim Yol" comments the NATO summit in Wales and the meeting of the presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia.


"Yeni Musavat" reports that the investigation found out the identity of vehicles, accompanied by car with three tons of liquid heroin detained in Georgia. Several people have already been arrested. Candidates for the post of chairman of the party "Musavat" can become an economist Gubad Ibadoglu and party functionary Arif Hajili. -0-

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