Press Review 10/11/14

Official newspapers devote much space to the participation by Ilham Aliyev at the CIS summit in Minsk.


The newspaper Azadlig focuses on the calls from the civil society to take part in an opposition rally on October 12. Members of the National Council also urge to participate in the rally.

The former judge Hasan Aliyev accused of taking a bribe to appoint the businessman Salimov head of a district said that this scandal involved the head of the Land Committee Garib Mammadov.


Express addresses the problem of evasion of education by more than 7,000 Azerbaijani girls in Georgia. Instead of having to go to school, they are married.


Bizim Yol, commenting on the Russian government's ban on the export of currency, sees it as "overlapping the main source of income of the Azerbaijanis."

The paper also notes that despite the high cost of construction in the country hotels, the tourism sector does not bring income.


Yeni Musavat

The newspaper claims that 15 Nardaran residents have been arrested for grabbing the land of Araz Agalarov, brother-in-law of Ilham Aliyev. -0

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