Press Review 14.10.2016

The period of the presidency of Ilham Aliyev in Azerbaijan, excellent attitude of the official Baku to Russia and the USA, the increase of pensions in the country, the situation in the economy  are  the leading topics of today's press.

"Azerbaijan" newspaper published an article entitled "The Azerbaijani leader in the global political elite", which analyzes the period of 13-year presidency of Ilham Aliyev. The author gives a chronology of events during the presidency of Ilham Aliyev, calling him an outstanding leader.

Website "Azadlıqinfo" analyzes the attitude of the official Baku to the United States and Russia, noting the extent to which it differs. The author wonders why  the anger shown in relation to Kerry was not  shown to Ushakov?  The talk is about the recent statements by both sides regarding the settlement of the Karabakh problem.

The author brings various statements on the matter. The conclusion is as follows: Russia - is the force that holds the current government on the throne in Azerbaijan and the US will not take steps that can make Russia.

"Echo" published an article titled "Azerbaijan Pensioners enjoy nothing." Azerbaijan ranks one of the last  among the CIS countries on the size of the pension. Unfortunately,  next year the government will not be able to allocate funds from the budget to increase the pension. A number of neighboring countries plans in 2017 to increase the amount of the pension, but the Republic of Azerbaijan  does not have such a  possibility. To date, there is not a  clear policy and strategy of the state in the matter of social benefits. Due to the growth of the informal labor market  it becomes impossible to attract funds into the pension fund. So do not expect an increase in pension in 2017. So it is not known when the Azerbaijani pensioners will live better.

"New Times" published an article entitled "There is not yet ground for optimism." First, of course, people  are not happy with the rise in prices, which is quickly increasing. According to the State Statistics Committee, the average annual price growth up to September accelerated to 11.2 percent compared to 10.8 percent through August results.  The process for food  over the year rose by 12.7 percent, non-food products - by 15.9 percent. The following year, the treasury income will decrease by 867 million manat, or 5.2 percent, and expenditures - by 1.895 billion manat, or 10.2 per cent.

The GDP growth will be one percent. With the current economic situation, when the decline in GDP  is  more than three percent, it is difficult to say,  how  next year will be planned  GDP growth.

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