Press Review 17.05.13


Official newspapers write about the trip of President Ilham Aliyev to Shamakhi.



In the center of the village Pirallahy, houses were demolished to construct a building for the executive. This caused discontent among the population, which led to a protest being held.

The Defense Ministry filed a lawsuit against the newspaper Azadlig for publishing a critical article on March 20-23, and the newspaper is required to pay a fine of 100 thousand manats. Today the Yasamal court held a regular meeting.

Despite the assurance of the Chief Executive of Ismailly to release all those arrested in the events of 26 January, 14 people are still in prison, whose term of detention has been extended for another three months.

Three young activists, Abulfaz Gurbanli, Ilkin Rustamzadeh and Turgut Gambar have sued the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the fact that they were forcibly shaved in the primary investigation prison.

Political analysts commenting on the upcoming visit to Iran by Sheik Allashukur Pashazadeh believe that this visit will not have positive effects on the relations between the countries.



The article titled Defend Their Homeland and March to the Marsh tells of eviction of 9 military families from their homes in Nakhchivan.

 After three years since the flood on the Kura (Spring 2010), the victims are still suing the state agencies.



In Azerbaijan, 16% of men and 32% of women are overweight.

The new Minister of Education punishes the middle tier of leadership in the education system.

Azerbaijan will set a monument to the Russian Prince Vladimir in Astrakhan, Russia at the expense of Azerbaijani taxpayers. 



Admission to all beaches in Baku will be free, according to the spokesman of the Department of Trade and Services.


Bizim Yol

Chief Editor of Khural, Avaz Zeinally has been transferred to Prison Number 10, without his defender being notified about it.


Yeni Musavat

The religious blogger Rashid Agaddin will be punished with 12 years in prison for his articles on social networks. The newspaper said that the country has started Facebook arrests.


The former chief executive of the Nizami district of Baku, Mehbali Aliyev was detained in the Baku airport on his return from Qatar for a few hours for hiding something from Customs.


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