Press Review 20/06/14

Official newspapers write about Ilham Aliyev meeting with the Russian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin and publish presidential decree that henceforth June 25 is Day of Seaman.



The newspaper claims that the information about the Wahhabis beating a cleric in Saatly is untrue. In fact, the incident involved two local groups.


Express published the political scientist Zardusht Alizadeh saying that Azerbaijan's joining the Eurasian Union is meaningless.



Experts say that 90% of broiler chickens do not meet quality standards.

The Labor Code of the country has not specified age limit for employment. Nevertheless, people older than forty are denied employment.


Bizim Yol writes on the informal arrest imposed on bank accounts and assets of the parliamentarian Rabiyat Aslanova and her son Elnur Aslanov.


Yeni Musavat

24 June in Strasbourg Azerbaijani emigrants will protest against human rights violations in Azerbaijan.

Official Baku in order to control the financial operations of foreigners, amended the laws, the newspaper said, without specifying what exactly it is. -0 -


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