Press Review August 3, 2018

The need to increase the transport fares, the rise in the cost of state registration of mobile phones, and the absence of Azerbaijani universities in the list of rating universities worldwide are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the correctness of the decision of the Tariff Council to increase the fare on public transport by 50%, adopted on July 31.

The author writes that the radical opposition is trying to turn this decision against the authorities.

The article also describes the position of official structures explaining the increase in the cost of public transport with the need to update the obsolete 10-year-old transport to meet modern requirements. Further, the newspaper compares prices for public transport in the capitals of the CIS countries.

The website cites the comment of the expert in the field of education Shahlar Askerov, explaining why the Azerbaijani universities do not enter the top 100 in the world.

He also comments on the relationship between students and teachers in the West and in Azerbaijan.

It is necessary to change our thinking, otherwise the Azerbaijani universities will never be included in the list of the strongest universities, the expert believes.

The newspaper Novoye Vremya published an article titled To the Pleasure of Monopolists, which refers to the increase in fees for the registration of mobile devices. So, in Azerbaijan for registration of mobile devices they will charge from 30 to 150 manat depending on the cost of the phones.

Registration of devices, brand, model and market value of which at the time of registration were not included in the catalog on the official website of the Ministry of Communications, is subject to a state fee of 20 manat.

Earlier registration of mobile devices in Azerbaijan cost five manat, regardless of their price. -0----

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