Press Review for 1/24/13


Official newspapers report Ilham Aliyev meetings at the Davos Forum and continue to blame the intelligentsia, the Public Chamber and the human rights activist Leila Yunus.


Azadlig reports on the unrest in Ismayilli.

The paper considers the failure to approve the Strasser report by PACE as a "black day" for political prisoners in Azerbaijan.


Zerkalo, referring to the tightening of the definition of a long-term legal status for the Caspian Sea, said that the issue remains at zero.


Express: The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that Russia has finally closed the question of the Gabala radar station because of the reluctance of Azerbaijan to make concessions in the rent matter.


Echo notes that in 2012 the inhabitants of Azerbaijan spent $650 million on the purchase of cars. The share of Russian cars in the car market fell by 50%.


Bizim Yol sees the turmoil in Ismayilli as a popular uprising.

The lawyer Fuad Agayev believes that because of the active citizenship of the screenwriter Rustam Ibragimbekov the government inflicted damage at 1 million manats to him.


Yeni Musavat also describes the events in Ismayilli as popular uprising.

  On the eve of the trip by the Musavat leader Isa Gambar to Lankaran on January 27, “letters of protest” were received from some "district intellectuals". Gambar regards it as preparations for a next provocation against him.

The paper considers the protests of the last 20 days, as the arrival of the "Arab Spring" in Azerbaijan. However, the director of the Bina Mall Kabira Mamedova threatens the merchants and requires them to pay inflated rents. -0 –


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