Press Review November 23, 2017

The possibility of increasing imports of agricultural products, pressure on the manat and the financial losses during holidays are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the increase in the possibility of imports of agricultural products. The author notes that in recent years large enterprises engaged in the processing of agricultural products are gaining turnover, although this was mainly done at small enterprises before.

The article also talks about the development of cotton, tobacco and tea growing, and viticulture, which will give impetus to even more development of agriculture.

The newspaper Bizim Yol writes about the pessimistic forecast in connection with the manat. The rise in the dollar rate in neighboring countries and the economic and psychological impact of this process on the manat is a matter of the expert Vugar Bayramov's thoughts. In Turkey and Russia, the dollar has risen sharply, and given the large turnover of Azerbaijan with these countries, the fall of the manat is inevitable.

The newspaper Echo published an article about financial losses due to holidays in 2018. This amount will be 2.4 billion manat. Holidays have a negative impact on the state budget, when production is halted in a protracted weekend.

Production in the New Year holidays falls by about 20% when all budget institutions and the banking sector have a rest.

Azerbaijan's GDP will total about 60 billion manat in 2017, and if we proceed from this amount, in 2018 Azerbaijan will lose 4% of GDP due to holidays, which is 2.4 billion manat. ---0----

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