Press service 15.03.14

Official newspapers write about the meeting of Ilham Aliyev with the delegation of one of the regions of Italy, as well as publish the relevant presidential decree on the celebration of 70 th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences.

"Azadlig" published a list of companies that are owned by the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Kamaleddin Heydarov. Under current law, state officials have no right to do business.
Human rights group issued a statement condemning the pressure on the PPFA, and also in connection with severe socio-political situation in the country.
Newspaper regards an inspection begun  by a new leadership in the underground as a possible arrest of the former head of Metro, Tagi Akhmedov.
 NIgar Kocherli, head of a network of shops "Ali and Nino",   was summoned to the investigation  department  of the Ministry of Taxes.  

"Express" writes about the expected demolition of 1194 kiosks in the subway

  "Bizim Yol" writes about the conflict between Parliament Speaker Oktay Asadov and MP Ilyas Ismailov at yesterday's meeting after MP criticized the government report.
Experts commenting on the Russian intervention in the Ukraine , believe that a similar process is possible in Azerbaijan.
Newspaper , referring to the recent increase in fires in shopping centers, claims that fires occurred in nearly in  ten  trading centers,  and it looks suspicious.

"Yeni Musavat" writes that prosecutors and taxes began  checking the activity of the  former head of   Baku Metro, Tagi Akhmedov. There is a possibility of his arrest.
Damage caused  entrepreneurs by a fire  in  "Moscow"  totaled  tens  thousands  manat.
The newspaper writes that the real reason for  the arrest of Tofig Yagublu , is that he opened the lie by the Prosecutor General, Zakir Garalov, during the investigation into the terrorist attack in the Oil Academy in 2009.

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