Reporter Sevinj Sadigova was briefly detained

Sevinj Sadigova, a reporter for the Azel TV YouTube channel, was briefly detained by police on June 8. She herself told the Turan agency about this.

The reason for the arrest was her live broadcast on Facebook about an incident in an above-ground pedestrian crossing near Ukraine Square in Baku, where people were stuck in an elevator.

“It was hot, people were suffocating in the elevator. Rescuers from the Ministry of Emergency Situations were delayed in arriving. Therefore, I decided to open the broadcast in order to attract the attention of responsible structures to the problem to speed up rescue work. I said that the reason for such incidents is corruption of officials. The money allocated by the head of state for improvement is appropriated. And instead of corrupt officials, they imprison journalists who write about corruption. A police officer began to interfere with my reporting. I began to criticize the police and the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for their obstacles in covering people’s problems. After that, I was detained with violence,” Sadigova said.

She was taken to the 35th police station of the Khatai district.

“There they began to insult me ​​and mock me. They threatened with administrative arrest. They said that they would put a white coat on me and take me to a mental hospital. Then they brought in an elderly man. He began to insult me ​​because I was filming him in the passage without his permission,” Sadigova continued.

According to the report, after holding her for two hours in the department, they released her.

After leaving the building, she re-opened the broadcast and talked about what happened to her in the department.

Sadigova noted that the police began to interfere with her again and she left the territory to avoid repeated arrest.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet responded to Sadygova’s statements.


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