Residents of Shamkir region are defrauded

On Tuesday defrauded residents of the villages Seyfali and  Narimanly of  Shamkir  region held press conference  in the Media Center.

Lawyer Tagi Huseynov said that in 2009, the melioration authorities confiscated  their lands on the grounds that the state needs.  The promised to build on the  confiscated lands 200 hectares a  Shamkir reservoir, and promised the residents a compensation at market prices. Residents were given to sign some papers, but  the sum of compensation was not noted in them.

The resident knew that they were defrauded only in summer 2010, when they began to receive money in the bank. So,  they were issued only 50 manat per  one hundred square meter,  but the market price of land in Shamkir reaches 1.000-1.300 manat.

For each fruit tree to five years citizens  were paid one manat, and  for the trees more than five years -  AZN 5. The old nut tree produces an annual income of an average of 450 manat.

The lawyer accused  the irrigators  of defrauding residents, who began a fight for their rights. After an appeal to the head of state, they were summoned to the executive power,  and were subject to pressure there. Then, the complainants were  made sign a statement that they have no complaints.

Defrauded  and deluded people appealed to the Baku Administrative Economic Court N1. The trial is scheduled for June 20. -05C04-    


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