Second-grader's mum accuses school of negligence and heartlessness

Second-grader's mum accuses school of negligence and heartlessness

Tarana Mammadzadeh, a second-grader of school N 90 named after Richard Sorge in Ramana settlement of Sabunchi district of Baku, suffered an injury to her left eye after colliding with another child at school. Instead of urgently calling a medical ambulance team and contacting the school nurse, the school management sent the child home.  Vusala Guliyeva, the girl's mother, demands punishment of the school director and class teacher for negligence that led to the child's serious injury.

Talking to Turan, Vusala Guliyeva accused the school of negligent fulfilment of duties and lack of interest in the further fate of the child, who is not attending school because of the injury. Second-grader Tarana is forced to visit doctors every day after being injured on 7 November (2023).

On 13 November, Guliyeva addressed the school and the police with written statements; however, neither the director nor the teacher are interested in the child's health," Guliyeva said. The reaction of the departments appeared only on 26 November - nearly two weeks after the incident.  The police started an investigation after the mother contacted the Interior Ministry's hotline,

"Instead of urgently calling a school nurse and an ambulance to the place of her daughter's fall, the teacher asked other children to pull out a cold thermos from the bag and attach it to her daughter's eye. In this condition, the child was sent home. We went to the ambulance, the doctor diagnosed an eye injury as a result of blunt force trauma. My daughter will have to wear optical glasses. I'm not blaming the other child my daughter encountered. Collisions are possible, but the teacher and the director of the school Svetlana Nabiyeva did not fulfill their duties, V.Guliyeva told Turan.

After the event became public, the director of the school S.Nabiyeva appealed to the girl's mother with a proposal not to disclose what happened, to receive financial assistance from the school. However, V.Guliyeva refused to take help and demands punishment of the management of the educational institution.

"The director does not consider the school guilty, although they did not call the doctors immediately after the traumatic incident," the child's mother believes.

According to her, neither the Ministry of Education nor the police responded to her statements, only after a call to the hotline of the Interior Ministry (102) and press reports from these departments she received answers to her appeals.

Guliyeva admits that her daughter was forced to explain the injury by a collision with another child, and perhaps the girl is forced to lie, not reporting the beating at school. Mom demands a police investigation.

The Interior Ministry informed Turan that an investigation was conducted in the Sabunchi police department, following a complaint by a parent about the beating of a child. The check revealed no violence. the injury was received as a result of a collision of one child with another, the second child was not injured.

The Ministry of Education informed Turan that a primary school teacher was reprimanded for late informing about the incident.-0-

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