Seymur Hazy will appear before court on Saturday (UPDATED)

On Saturday morning a journalist Seymur Hazy  will  appear before the Absheron  court connection with the  preventive measure against him, according to a lawyer Elton Guliyev who  met  with  journalist in Absheron district police office.

He confirmed that the journalist  is suspected  under the Article 221.3. ("Hooliganism committed with the use of weapons or objects used as weapons") of the Criminal Code.

Hazi was arrested near his home in the village of Jeyranbatan. According to police, a man touched him, and  in responmse he beat the man.

Hazy rejects the charge and says it is fabricated. -0-

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2014 August 29 (Friday) 16:13:17

On August 29 afternoon, police detained Seymur Hazi, one of the leading columnists of the newspaper "Azadlig".  "When he left the house and was going to work, he was stopped by police and taken to the police department of Absheron district.  The reason for the detention is unknown,  Seymur’s phone is  off ," said the deputy editor of the newspaper  Rahim Hajiyev

Seymur Hazy is also a TV presenter of the program "Azerbaijani hour" - a popular news program, broadcast on the Internet. The police of  Absheron district told  that no man with such a name was delivered. All of this suggests that Seymur Hazy could be detained by the other law enforcement agencies. Turan failed to  get comments on the matter in the press service of the Interior Ministry.

Seymor Hazy  sharply criticized  domestic and foreign policy of the authorities.

Lawyer Elton Guliyev confirmed the detention of  Seymur Hazy. According to him, Hazy  has been detained as a suspect under Article 221.3 (hooliganism committed with a weapon or object used as a weapon) of the Criminal Code. He was told about it on the phone by Hazy and head of the investigation department of the Absheron District Police Office.

The lawyer does not know yet what specific actions incriminated Hazy. According to Article 221.3  he can be imprisoned  from three to seven years. -16D-

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