There is a growing number of cancer patients

By the beginning of this year  medical institutions listed 34,681 cases of cancer. This is 7.4% more than in 2012 - the State Statistics Committee said in a report "On health care, social security and housing conditions in 2013."

In 2013, the diagnosis of cancer was made for 9,064 sick people. Total from 2009 to 2013 this disease has overtaken 41,547 people. According to estimates of the statistics, form every 100 000 citizens of Azerbaijan there were 370.6 cancer patients. The most common forms of cancer is breast, lung, airways and stomach cancer.

The disease is spread among the population rapidly. Suffice it to note that in 2000, the diagnosis of cancer was made for 4800 patients.

In Azerbaijan, the government program for the national struggle with the disease cancer. To finance the program of measures to ensure essential drugs against cancer only in 2013 was spent from the state budget 25.2 million manat. This year's funding has been increased by another 13.8 million manat or 55.2%, said the Ministry of Finance. In the course of journalistic research newspaper "Bizim Yol", many of the patients claimed that the treatment and chemotherapy, as well as medicines in the National Cancer Center are paid.

Many patients with cancer are going for expensive treatment in Turkey, Germany, Israel and other countries. --08B--

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