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Baku/26.02.18/Turan: The CAW requires Iranian officials to put an end to the policy of violence, as well as to respect the desire of the peoples of the country to study in their native language.The statement of the CAW"s Board expressed the demand to restore the education of Azerbaijani Turks in their native language.The document notes that CAW approves and defends the movement of compatriots living in Iran, the "Movement of the Native Language." "The struggle of the Iranian Turks in the name of education, studying and protecting the Azerbaijani language is a matter of life and death for the people," the statement said. Official Tehran still did not express its attitude to the statement of CAW.

According to various sources, the number of the Azerbaijani population in Iran varies between 15-35 million. This is 18-50% of the total population of Iran. Nevertheless, there are no schools in the Azerbaijani language in places of compact residence of Azerbaijanis in Iran - East Azerbaijan, Western Azerbaijan, Ardabil and other provinces.Azerbaijanis living in Iran repeatedly held actions demanding the opening schools in the Azerbaijani language, raising this issue in the country's parliament.

The Congress of World Azerbaijanis is an international organization uniting part of the Azerbaijani diaspora.The structure was established in 1997 in the United States, the branches of the Congress are available in 30 countries around the world.Every year February 21 is celebrated in the world as "Mother Language Day" .- 0-

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