The Court of Appeal dismisses the complaint of Rasul Jafarov on the arrest of his bank accounts

Court of Appeal chaired by Jamal Ramazanov  considered the appeal of human rights activist Rasul Jafarov  on the arrest of his bank accounts. Participation of Jafarov was provided. As a legal representative at the trial  participated a lawyer  Gunay Ismailova.

Jafarov said Sabail court did not have sufficient legal grounds for the freezing of his bank accounts, and therefore demanded the cancellation of the decision. However,  the court dismissed the complaint.

On July 7 Sabail District Court on the basis of representation of the Deputy Attorney General Rustam Usubov in connection with a lawsuit against a number of local and foreign NGOs,  decided to arrest of bank accounts in Rasul Jafarov  in the "Bank Respublika".

On August 2,  Jafarov  himself was arrested , and was charged under several Articles of the Criminal Code:  192 (illegal business), 213 (tax evasion), and 308 (abuse of power.)

Amnesty International recognized Jafarov as “prisoner of conscience.”- 06D—

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