The police never opened a case regarding the beating of an observer at a polling station

Baku/20.02.20/Turan: No criminal case was opened on the fact of the beating of Jale Bayramova, an observer with an advisory vote, at the 16th precinct election commission of the 76th Lankaran-Astara constituency. At the request of the Turan agency to the Lankaran police, it was reported that the victim must re-pass a medical examination. The investigator Bayhanova, investigator Ayhan Agaly, declined to comment further, without explaining why the case was not opened or at what stage the consideration of the complaint was made.

On the day of the election, Bayramova recorded violations and filmed this on video. The woman who committed the falsification attacked Bayramova and began to drag her hair in front of the members of the polling station who were watching what was happening.

According to information from social networks, the attack on Bayramov was organized by the OIC secretary Mubariz Amirov, and the name of the attacker was Azad Kerimov, who was neither an observer nor a member of the commission.

* Bayramova is the daughter of  Ibad Gubadoglu, the leader of the Movement for Democracy and Welfare. According to him, the police are trying to hush up the case "due to the lack of corpus delicti".

On returning from Lankaran, Bayramova underwent a medical examination at City Hospital in Baku. The injuries caused to her were recorded, and the sick leave was opened. However, the next day, the head physician, as instructed from above, liquidated all medical reports. “They were sorry that they almost closed our clinic because of you, don’t come here anymore,” Ibadoglu said.

Two days ago, Bayramova was summoned to the Public Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where she went with lawyer Fariz Namazly. The girl was again sent to Lankaran, where she was found guilty, stating why she even came to the polls? The investigator invited her to undergo a second examination in Baku at the city clinical medical center. Otherwise, the materials will be transferred to the prosecutor's office, where they will decide what to do. “All this suggests that the authorities want to hide this crime,” Ibadoglu said. –06D-


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