Torture of opposition activists in Nasimi Police confirmed

Arrested on May 6 for the action in support of the convicted activists of NIDA, a member of PPFA Kamala Bananyarly during detention in police of the Nasimi district was subjected to abuse and torture. Turan was told by the lawyer Asabali Mustafayev who visited Bananyarly in the Binagadi detention center on May 8.

The counsel states the following police violence. According to him, the woman received bumps on the head, nausea and dizziness, which may be a consequence of a brain concussion.

According to the lawyer, Bananyarly was required to testify against the PFPA leader Ali Kerimli and to say that he gives activists monthly 400-500 manats for visiting protests.

In addition, the activist was questioned about her acquaintance with the Director of the Institute for Peace and Democracy Leyla Yunus, and was called a traitor, same as Leyla Yunus.

Bananyarly was told that "like her, she receives money from America and France, tom make riots and revolution in Azerbaijan."

According to the attorney, Bananyarly’s rights have been also violated in the court. First, the judge announced her arrest for 20 days, but after the indignation of the activist, he decided to make it 30 days.

Mustafayev said all the detainees were subjected to inhuman treatment. In the 22nd police station, 14 people were kept all night in a room without the proper conditions, and they slept on tables and chairs, prevented from contact with their families.

The lawyer intends to appeal the arrest of Bananyarly and the activist of Musavat, Tural Abbasli, arrested for 15 days.

In addition, the lawyer intends to complain to the relevant authorities on the facts of torture against Bananyarly.

Note that the press service of the Interior Ministry denies violence against Bananyarly. On this the lawyer said that in such a case she should be allowed an independent medical examination in prison. – 06B-

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