"Ultravist" deficit in Azerbaijan

"Ultravist" deficit in Azerbaijan

"Ultravist", a contrast agent used in examinations and surgical operations, has disappeared in state and private clinics in Azerbaijan.

One of the patients, who wished to remain unnamed, told Turan that he is due to undergo a heart operation; however, the lack of the drug is causing it to be delayed.

"I need to have a heart stent, which requires the presence of a contrast agent, We have applied to various institutions, but everywhere they say that this substance is not available in the country now," the source said.

This information was confirmed by two other sources, who also had their surgeries postponed due to the lack of "Ultravist", which is used in CT scans, angiography, various X-ray examinations and cardiovascular surgeries.

Earlier, a vial of the contrast agent cost 38 manats, then the price rose to 60 manats, and now it has already reached 130 manats.

Another source claims that the shortage has arisen due to the monopoly on the substance. According to some sources, the price of this substance is expected to rise significantly soon.

In turn, the Ministry of Health denied the allegations about the shortage of "Ultravist", without providing any confirmation.

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