Was the actor fired?

Baku / 19.10.17 / Turan: The actor of the Academic National Drama Theater Aishad Mammadov was dismissed from his job for participation in the opposition rally, reported the site azadliq.info. According to the same source, the reason for the dismissal was Mamedov's participation in the rally on October 7 under the slogan "The End of Corruption, Freedom for Political Prisoners!". Earlier, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev condemned the actors Ilgar Jahangir, Aishad Mammadov and Abbas Gahramanov for participating in the opposition rally. The minister reproached them after having received state awards they did not have to participate in "anti-state statements." The Academic National Drama Center did not confirm or deny information about the firing of the actor. Theater staff began to forward questions from Turan to each other and ultimately no one answered the last phone number at all. Meanwhile, the surname of actor Mammadov remains on the list of honored artists of Azerbaijan on the drama website. Mammadov himself was not available for comment. -03B06-

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