Новрузали  и Рустам  Оруджевы

Новрузали и Рустам Оруджевы

State officials who cannot manage their family members will be dismissed, the head of state said yesterday in his closing speech at a government meeting on the results of the socio-economic development of the country in the first half of this year and forthcoming tasks.

"I also said at one of the meetings that the activity of the heads of the executive power will be evaluated, including this indicator. Once again I say: on December 15 I need a detailed reference, and after that a high estimate will be given and the people will be punished. I have repeatedly expressed my opinion in connection with the norms of conduct of state officials, and I again want to say this. Among the instructions I give when appointing every government official, there is also the fact that the official should be modest, serve the people, be with the people, and not put himself above the people," Ilham Aliyev said.

It is noteworthy that by the relevant instruction of the head of state the deputy head of the State Service for Mobilization and Recruitment of Citizens for Military Service Novruzali Orujov was dismissed this week. The firing of the general followed after the detention of his son Rustam Orujov, who violated the traffic rules and beat a bus driver. According to the information of the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office, on July 3 of this year the inhabitant of Baku R. Orujov, despite the deprivation of the right to drive and being behind the wheel of a BMW car with the state license plate 10-OG-300, violated the traffic rules and came across a solid reproach from the driver of the bus route Sanan Samedov. Orujov tracked the bus for eight stops, which caused concern and fright of the passengers. In response to the bus driver"s objections, Orujov beat him with a group of people in front of the passengers.

The investigation office of the Binagadi District Police Department on July 4, 2017 initiated a criminal case on the fact under Article 221.2.1 (hooliganism committed by a group of persons) of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan. "You know why I was fired. I have three children, and I am ready to sacrifice each of them at the President"s feet, because the head of state gave me a high rank and appointed me to the post," the dismissed official told local media.

He also pompously remarked: "The order for me to graduate from a higher military educational institution was given by the President's father, the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. As for my dismissal, I have nothing to say to the President. He appoints and he also dismisses. May Allah keep the President. I repeat once again that I am ready to sacrifice my life and the lives of my children to the President. The investigation into the case of my son continues. After its completion, everything will be clear."

Meanwhile, according to the website Olke.az, the official dismissed by the presidential decree threatens the driver of the bus No 85, Sanan Samedov, who was beaten by his son.

Samedov told the publication that N. Orujov had phoned him with threats: "Today I received a call from N. Orujov and he asked me why I gave an interview to the press without his permission. Then he began to threaten me and told me that I must not say anything more to the media. He openly told me that if I once again said something against him, it would end badly for me," Olke.az quotes.

It should be noted here that during yesterday"s meeting of the government, the President of Azerbaijan emphasized that officials and members of their families should not behave arrogantly.

"However, in spite of this, at times we still see that officials cannot behave and make gross mistakes, and members of their family believe they have special privileges. Nobody in Azerbaijan has any privileges. I said that a state official who cannot manage his family members will be dismissed, and that's what happened. In Azerbaijan, those who engage in hooliganism and arbitrariness are punished and should be punished. Nobody should be made any concessions, and my last decisions prove it once again. Let everyone draw conclusions," the head of state said.

It should be noted that the President has repeatedly urged officials to tame the ardor of their offspring insolent of stolen money. In February 2013, he said: "Children of officials are hooligans and insolent, and cannot behave themselves. Who gave them such a status in society? I appointed those whom they hope to the post and I will take them off when I consider it necessary. If I find out that someone's family member is some kind of hooligan, and he does not know how to behave, this person will be arrested, and his father will be kicked from his job."

This statement was made after an accident and beating a taxi driver in the Ismayili district by the offspring of a high-ranking official. However, such cases of "self-expression" continued.

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