Mammad Talibli

Mammad Talibli

Expert, observer

Date of birth: 12 may 1973

Place of birth: Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan

Higher Education 

Expert, commentator

Professional Experience

2000      State Agency for Procurement, Chief Specialist

2002      Azerbaijan State Economic University

2002-2012           Economic Innovation Center, Chairman

2004      Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline monitoring, expert

2005      South Caucasus Pipeline Audit, Expert

2006-2012           National Budget Group, founder and member of the Board

2008      Lankaran State University, teacher

2012      Azerbaijan University, teacher

2013      Economic Analysis Institute, President

2013-2014           Coalition of the Council on Extension of Mining Industry Member of Multilateral Group

2015      "West" University, teacher

Scientific Work and Practices

2011      "Organization and management of business", a textbook, authors group (page 463)

2012      "Off-budgetary Development Funds" research, co-author

2014      "Human Value in the Economy" (2014) book, author (p.168)

               A number of scientific works published in the country and abroad - 22


Azeri (native), Russian (fluent), English (fluent)

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