Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/09.06.20/Turan: By order of the head of state, the State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve "Mount Beshbarmag" was created, which is 90 km away to north of Baku. The management of the new reserve is entrusted to the State Agency for Tourism.

The Cabinet of Ministers, the State Agency for Tourism, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Ecology, the National Academy of Sciences and the Executive Power of the Siyazan Region were instructed to determine and approve the border of the new reserve in two months, establish a special regime there.

The  Mount Beshbarmak is a unique natural phenomenon with which numerous myths and beliefs are associated. At the foot of a mountain 536 meters high is the Khizir Zinda sanctuary, known since the middle ages and described by historians and travelers of that period. In particular, the shrine is mentioned on the map of Adam Olenarius, dated 1375.

Beshbarmag served as a natural defensive structure. In the IV-VII centuries, a whole network of Caspian defensive fortresses that prevented the invasion of foreign invaders was formed in this place.

The fortress wall from Beshbarmag stretched to the Caspian Sea. The Albanian historian Moses Kalankatuisky wrote that the fortress on Beshbarmag was built by the Sassanid ruler Ezdigerd in 438-457.

In addition to historical significance, this mountain has been a favorite training place for climbers and climbers for decades. Traditionally, local and international mountaineering competitions are held there. -02D-


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