Qajar Style

People seek to learn about past eras by conducting research on the internet, watching films, or being regular attendees of theatrical performances. Some periods in cultural history have not been deeply studied, and finding precise, detailed information in the Azerbaijani language is nearly impossible. One such period is the Qajar era, which lasted from 1794 to 1925.

Art historian and researcher Mansura Mammadaliyeva has thoroughly examined this period and offered her critical perspective on it. She shared her findings with those interested in cultural history and this specific period through a lecture titled “Splendor and Grandeur” at Salaam Cinema. During this lecture, attendees felt completely immersed in that era. The event showcased local artists' music, literature, and video installations on the topic.

"The research focuses on the 'Qajar Style.' The 19th century was a period marked by significant political, literary, and artistic events. During this time, the Turkic Qajar tribe gained influence and ruled these territories for approximately 137 years. The term 'Qajar Style,' coined in the mid-20th century, refers to the unique artistic expression that flourished during the Qajar dynasty."

There are other topics in cultural history that have not been deeply researched. It is expected that in the future, various discussion events on such topics will be held. These events and research efforts support the acquisition of more accurate information about past eras and the development of cultural history.

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