Azerbaijan adopts rules for recruitment of doctors

The Ministry of Health has adopted the "Rules of recruitment of doctors on a centralized competitive basis" to curb corruption phenomena. The document came into force last week after making the state register of legal acts.

Competition for the recruitment of doctors in medical institutions under the Ministry of Health carried out by a test examination and subsequent interview. Prior to that, the employment of doctors was performed by the competition in the field.

 The Minister of Health created the Competition Commission of 7 people for a period of five years. However, the committee members may be re-elected. To ensure transparency, the competition allowed NGOs and the media.

The notification for vacancies was published on the Internet site of the MOH. It may be published in print. Application for participation in the contest may be submitted in person, as well as in electronic form. Each candidate is "memory book." Admitted to the test exams face get expressed numerically unique identification code to store anonymity. Applicants are carrying a card with a photograph before the examination.

Exam questions are prepared by the three levels of difficulty. They are updated annually by 10-20%. Number of consolidated issues should be at least 5 times more committed to the exam questions.

 In the test examinations included 40 questions on qualification and 10 questions on the basics of health care legislation. In this selection of questions is made directly before the examination. The exam lasts 2 hours. Each correct answer receives a score. The examination results are made public immediately upon completion of the scoring. The examination results are published on the website of Ministry of Health. Scored 30 or higher balls person admitted to the interview, which is recorded on audio-visual media. Interview each applicant does not last longer than half an hour. Applicants are given by the five questions. The members of the tender committee may assess the knowledge of applicants for 2, 3, 4 and 5 points. Passed the interview applicants are recognized, scored 16 out of 25 possible points.

At the end of the competition the winners are referred to hospital. Relevant information is also provided to the enterprise. To enter into an employment contract applicant must apply to the enterprise for three days. The contract is for one day.

The press service of the Ministry of Health told Turan, that the centralized recruitment of doctors will be held immediately after the completion of the necessary organizational issues. - 08D-


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