People do not prefer to buildings due to uncontrolled construction

On the outskirts of the city of Baku deployed massive construction on the background of resettlement of the city center. The situation has a negative impact not only on the observance of the rights of property owners, but the quality of services. According to experts, the reason is that this segment because of the "usurpation" by high-ranking officials is not exposed to target inspections, and prosecutors react only to theft by superintendents and executive directors.

As Turan was told by the former builder, now a realtor Bahadur Aliyev, since the late 80-ies of the last century, the authorities do not pay attention to the quality of objects handed. In Baku few developers turn to professional architects and superintendents, because it makes no sense to talk about the European and other standards.

The country's capital is located in an earthquake, landslide zone, on the coast, so even in the Yasamal located above the other settlements, there is no reason to build houses higher than 9 floors - says the expert.

Baku City Executive Power ordered to limit the height of residential buildings with 12 floors, but all the buildings are from 17 to 22 floors, and sometimes higher. This is because the land in the capital is expensive (from 50 thousand manats per acre). Coordination and permission for construction goes up to 9 months, where a bribe is an integral part. That is, the developer for profit fouls floors under a deal with the executive structures, and those are blind to the obvious crime - concrete-casting design above 9 floors is a threat not only to the sudden collapse of the building, but also the deprivation of life of residents and bystanders.

Today, the district executive branch makes decisions about colors facades facing the roadway. Only in the city center the wishes of management (not the chief architect, and the ruling family). During Soviet times, when the executive committee of the board of the capital of People's Deputies Council acted on architecture and construction, excluding opinions that could not be constructed any building. It is because even Baku "squatter" passed the exam in 2000 earthquake force of 6.2 on the Richter scale - if the capital faces such a test now, the majority of new buildings will be unable to cope with the amplitude of tremors, says the expert.

According to him, it is time to put an end to the practice, when the capital of IW gives permission for the construction and the selection committee after the completion of MOE identifies deficiencies (in the case of cancellation of a construction company offers imposed ban gas supply to the building). As a result, the apartments are without repair - "a beacon", which contradicts the norms. In addition, the process should be centralized, to the very beginning should be checked for the supply of communications, fire and health safety.

According to Chairman of the NGO "Society of Free Consumers' Eyyub Huseynov, the Penal Code punishes AR forced labor (Article 144-2), but so far nobody has been brought to justice, despite the fact that from time to time there is information about the use of forced in the construction of illegal migrants. Also "lame" is the implementation of Article 162 (violation of safety rules), and articles 200 (consumer fraud or the production and marketing of defective products), Article 222 (violation of safety rules of construction works). Construction sector falls out if the legal field by high patrons and this is also a sore point in relations with the public officials.

The expert believes that MOE should be placed complete information about the objects handed over either of the reasons for the failure of their operation. Monopolists services should not charge money for the installation of meters, regardless of the category of users - the population is exempt from the law fee for this service. In addition, the owners of new superintendents appointed its people taking a fee from tenants for all, despite the broken elevators, refuse chutes, the lack of gas and other household amenities. The reason for the disparity between the legislation and its application - in the Constitution and other acts is declared consumer protection, but in reality dominated by the politics of protectionism big capital - almost all senior officials own a controlling stake in a particular popular segment, - concluded the expert. - 17V-

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