Али Гасанов

Али Гасанов

Baku / 06.10.17 / Turan: The impact of globalization is felt in the state language, the Presidential Assistant Ali Hasanov said, speaking today at a conference on the use of the state language in the media. "We often see the use of words and expressions in the media that do not conform to the norms and principles of the state language," he said.

In May 2012, the President of Azerbaijan approved a state program on the development of linguistics and the use of the Azerbaijani language in accordance with the demand of the time.

The program noted that the media have serious phonetic, syntactic and semantic deviations from the norms of the Azerbaijani language.

Often when dubbing films, translating artistic and scientific works, foreign words are borrowed in an inappropriate way, and grammatical norms are not observed in advertising.

The shortcomings noted in the state program are not completely eliminated today, he noted, urging the media to increase attention to these issues. -06D--

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