Azerbaijan is pleased with the CIS - Ilham Aliyev

Azerbaijan attaches great importance to its participation in the CIS, said President Ilham Aliyev, speaking on October 10 at the Summit of Heads of State in Minsk.

"We believe that within our organization we achieved a great deal in the interaction, coordination and better understanding of each other, as well as other important issues. Also we are very actively cooperating with the majority of the CIS member states on a bilateral basis. I believe that bilateral relations cement relationships within our organization, and we will continue to strive to increase the potential of bilateral cooperation," said Aliyev, reports Russia-24.

According to him, within the CIS there are good developments in the economic sphere and in the sphere of investment. But there are also issues of concern.

"Of course, we are concerned about what is happening not so far from our borders. The situation in the Middle East, on the European side, of course, requires an adequate evaluation, and each country must strive to ensure that their actions contribute to confidence-building measures, security and cooperation. We in Azerbaijan so consider our role in regional and international affairs, and we believe that the policy pursued by our country is aimed at reducing the risks to stabilize the situation," said Aliyev.

According to him, Azerbaijan, as an oil and gas producer, is interested in cooperation with its partners in the field.

Countries that have sufficient energy resources, of course, have a great responsibility in ensuring the energy security of their partners and neighbors.

According to him, Azerbaijan attaches great importance to cultural cooperation, which is the basis of life of the CIS. -06D-

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