Azerbaijanis will return to Zangezur-Ilham Aliyev

Baku/15.07.21 / Turan: Azerbaijanis will return to the homeland of their ancestors in Zangezur, President Ilham Aliyev said on Wednesday. At the same time, he stressed that Azerbaijan has no territorial claims to Armenia, we are talking about the return of refugees as set forth in the trilateral statement of November 10, 2020 (leaders of Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Russian Federation).

Aliyev called the hysterical reaction to Armenia to the creation of an economic zone – Eastern Zangezur- by the decree of the President of Azerbaijan unjustified.

"Now Armenia is in hysterics in connection with this issue. There is no need for this, Eastern Zangezur is our historical land, Western Zangezur is our historical land. We cannot forget history, we cannot turn it into a hostage of someone's political interests. Let them open historical documents, maps, look at when the Soviet government separated Zangezur from Azerbaijan and handed it over to Armenia," Aliyev stated at the ceremony of handing over apartments and cars to the families of martyrs and war invalids in the village of Khojasan, Binagadi district of Baku.

At the same time, he pointed out that we are talking about the events of the recent past that occurred 101 years ago.
"Why should we say that this did not happen? We are telling the truth. The whole of Zangezur, East and West, is the land of our ancestors. Today, they say in Armenia that Ilham Aliyev is making territorial claims. If there is an Eastern Zangezur, then there is also a Western one. Yes, Western Zangezur is the land of our ancestors. I said we should go back there. I spoke about this 10 years ago. All my statements are available in mass media. I said that this was the land of our ancestors, we must return, we will return and we are returning there. No one can stop us. We will definitely return because there is no other way, " Aliyev said.

"Now, after all communications are opened, we will, of course, return, the population of Azerbaijan will return to the ancestral lands. The trilateral statement of November 10 says the following: all refugees must return to their native lands. Our native land is Zangezur, Goycha Mahaly, Irevan.Beyond any doubt, we will return, of course," Aliyev stressed.—06D-

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