Baku Mayor's Office refused to authorize the opposition rally

Baku Mayor's Office refused to authorize the opposition rally

The executive power of Baku refused the appeal of the National Council of Democratic Forces to hold a rally on April 21. The city administration considered it "inappropriate" to hold a rally due to the fact that in the places proposed by the opposition, the organization of a mass rally may violate the rights of citizens to freedom of movement, the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA) reported.

The rally was planned in front of the Narimanov metro station, the “Mehsul” Stadium and on the square in front of the “28 May” metro station. The party believes that the decision of the city government is illegal and violates the Constitution.

"The next steps are currently being discussed in the party and the decisions taken will be announced tonight," the PFPA said. The rally was planned with demands for the release of political prisoners, electoral reform, the opening of land borders, the withdrawal of Russian peacekeepers, increased pensions and salaries, and the establishment of child benefits.

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