Prosecutor General"s Office and the Ministry of National Security violated the presumption of innocence of Mirkadirov

Lawyers of Rauf Mirkadirov consider joint press-service of the Prosecutor General and the MNS violation of the presumption of innocence of the journalist.

In a joint statement lawyers Fuad Agayev and Elmar Suleimanov noted that the European Court of Human Rights has repeatedly in the cases against Azerbaijan found a violation of Article 6 (2) of the European Convention for Human Rights and Freedoms, that is, the presumption of innocence.

And earlier police Azerbaijan without judgment spread statements about the guilt of citizens for crimes affecting public opinion and sending a message to courts which have to make decisions in these cases.

Prosecutor's Office and other authorities, seeing that facts prove the innocence of a person, rather than to admit his mistake, apologize and release unreasonably detained citizen prefer to judge people before the court.

Usually the European Court’s decision in such cases prevents the recurrence of violations of the presumption of innocence. However, unfortunately, this is not happening in Azerbaijan. Yesterday's message of the MNS and the Attorney General in the case of Mirkadirov is a vivid example of that.

On the statement Mirkadirov uniquely seems to have committed a felony.

The lawyers further commented on specific measures of law enforcers.

1. Presenting as proof the transmission of discs by some Samvel confirms the theory of the defense; there has been a special operation of special services of Armenia, and it was directed against suppression of activities of Mirkadirov which adequately covered the position of Azerbaijan on the Karabakh conflict.

But according to the press service of the Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan appears that Armenian special services recruited Mirkadirov first and then handed over their valuable agent.

2. Regarding the meeting in Tbilisi between Mirkadirov and Baghdasaryan, it took place 5.5 years ago. During that meeting Mirkadirov gave preliminary agreement to participate in the project for the South Caucasus, one of Western institutions and signed the contract about it.

   By the same logic, the prosecutor's office, negotiating international grant projects should be regarded as espionage.

3. The report of MNS and the Prosecutor's Office stated that the Armenian Research Center Region in 2008 put the purpose to attract citizens of Azerbaijan to the intelligence and sabotage activities. Why, then, the relevant authorities of Azerbaijan does not suppress this subversion, did not inform their citizens about this?

4. Ridiculous is blaming Mirkadirov for participation in the conference of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Turkey in 2008, where he and David Shahnazaryan attended. Prosecutors also did not specify exactly which position on the Karabakh conflict settlement was agreed between Shahnazaryan and Mirkadirov.

While prosecutors forget that Shahnazaryan 20 years ago made efforts for the liberation of the occupied Azerbaijani regions around Nagorno-Karabakh.

5. Regarding allegations of transfer by Mirkadirov of schemes and photos of military units, airfields and other strategic objects, it is far from reality. Mirkadirov did not have any military satellites or reconnaissance systems.

  As for the rest, it is enough to read the articles by Mirkadirov in which he after each trip shared his impressions with the readers.

6. Thus, if we see the content of the press release literally, the position of law enforcement bodies of Armenia and Azerbaijan are the same.

In fact Mirkadirov’s arrest and charge in a particularly serious crime, and his suspension from work, should be perceived as successful intelligence operations of Armenia. -06D-

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