'We Will Respond Swiftly': G7 Warns Iran Not To Support Russia With Ballistic Missiles

'We Will Respond Swiftly': G7 Warns Iran Not To Support Russia With Ballistic Missiles

The U.S. and its G7 partners on Friday sent a sharp warning to Iran, urging it to refrain from sending ballistic missiles to Russia, threatening “significant measures” if Tehran does so, TURAN's Washington correspondent reports.

“We are extremely concerned about reports that Iran is considering transferring ballistic missiles and related technology to Russia after having supplied the Russian regime with UAVs, which are used in relentless attacks against the civilian population in Ukraine,” the alliance, whose members include the U.S. France, Japan, Italy, Germany, the EU, the UK and Canada, said in a statement.

The statement adds, “Were Iran to proceed with providing ballistic missiles or related technology to Russia, we are prepared to respond swiftly and in a coordinated manner including with new and significant measures against Iran.”

The warning came as concerns mount in Washington and Brussels over Russia's deepening ties with other U.S. adversaries like Iran and North Korea as it pursues new supplies of munitions, missiles and other military hardware.

While it wasn't immediately clear what kind of "swift measures" would the G7 take to hold Tehran accountable, a senior administration official told reporters that among the options being considered was a ban on Iran Air flights to Europe.

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