Expert: municipal elections in Turkey pre-determine the presidential election

Baku/31.03.14/Turan Municipal elections held in Turkey on March 30 are the preparation for presidential elections in August this year. For this reason  the agitation and propaganda work was conducted at the level of parliamentary elections, said Rauf Mirkadyrov,  political columnist for " Ayna-Zerkalo " and representative of this edition in Turkey in  an interview with Turan.

Despite numerous political and corruption scandals, electoral victory won the ruling party AKP.

Political scandals affected the elections, but the losses of the ruling party were less than it was  expected;

90% of voters took part in the vote.  For Turkey it is a very high figure Compared with the  parliamentary elections  in 2011, the AKP lost 5 % of the vote, and this time has won  45%.

This is a fairly convincing result that  will significantly affect the presidential election . "It seems that the results of the presidential elections have already been identified," said Rauf Mirkadyrov.

According to him , the ruling party won the elections in Istanbul and other major cities. Moreover, in Istanbul candidate from the main opposition party CHP was not able to achieve the results of the previous elections. At the same time, the results of elections in Ankara and Antalya remain disputable.

According  to Mirkadirov, who  observed elections, falsification   were possible during the elections. "I was a witness , as refugees from Syria, living on the outskirts of Ankara, tried to take part in the vote. Observers  prevented an  attempt , but  such things  happened in other places, "  said Mirkadyrov.

"Municipal elections showed, that  if the opposition CHP and MHP formed a coalition,  they would win the elections in some places. Therefore, if  in  the  presidential elections these parties unite and put forward a single candidate, there will be a different political situation," said Mirkadyrov.

He also believes that the municipal elections in Turkey will not have a major impact on the situation in Azerbaijan.

"It is wrong to think that in Azerbaijan , unlike in Turkey , public opinion will soon become an important social factor,"  said political analyst.

For  noon on March 31  at elections voted 89.05 %. Currently 96.69 % of the votes have been  counted. The ruling party AKP  has won 45,05%, CHP - 29,12%, MHP - 15,35%,  and BHP - 3,78%.  -03B04-   


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