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Question: As one nation, two states”, we are more sensitive to this problem. In this case, two points seem contradictory. The first is that Turkey has become so strong, both economically and politically, that the processes taking place there are of interest to the world agenda. On the other hand, the sharp devaluation of the currency of an economically developed country in the short term is incomprehensible. Therefore, I would like you to briefly describe both the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the Turkish economy in comparison with other advanced countries.

Answer: Economic development does not mean complete development. Qatar is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of per capita income; however, there is not a single Muslim country among the developed countries. Turkey has achieved great growth this year but it has not been able to absorb this economic pace, and such amateurishness has recoiled upon the lira. Any industrial growth must be accompanied by inflation and a temporary depreciation of the national currency (up to a regulated level). When this process is not regulated in accordance with economic laws, the situation in Turkey is inevitable, which leads to more serious consequences when it comes to Muslim emotionality. There is a very serious reaction in Azerbaijan to the actions taking place in Turkey. Also in Turkey.

I lived, worked, taught, and published books and articles. I have actively participated in the development of state programs in Turkey. There, too, any event taking place in Azerbaijan is very close to the heart and soul of the people. These two nations are interconnected in every way.

As for the approaches and comparisons of economic processes, in Turkey, in general, these processes do not go very well. There is progress compared to some countries. Much, especially in Özal’s time. Significant progress has been made since Erdoğan's arrival. However, this seems very weak against the background of the progress of others. For example, let's compare with developed countries. The best comparison is with South Korea because Turkey has played a great role in the liberation of South Korea and brought it to this situation, and the Korean people appreciate it very much. At that time, when the Soviet Union entered the country, it was destroying the country. The South was also taken by the communists. European countries and America tried hard but failed to save it, and until then they invited the Turks. This problem was solved shortly after inviting Turkey.

In general, we have the same roots as the Koreans. Our language is a group, our life goes in the same direction, and if Turkey developed in the same direction as this country, it would have achieved great things. When Turkey saved the country, South Korea was the weakest country in the world. Per capita income was around $ 50. At that time, this figure was more than $ 500-600 in Turkey. After that, the path of development taken by them and Turkey was very different. In a very short period of time, they began to produce several times more products than Turkey. Both in export and import. Turkey's exports have increased slightly this year. In recent years, exports have amounted to $ 160-170 billion, and imports exceeded exports by $ 40-50 billion, and there has always been an open foreign trade deficit in Turkey.

But that country soon began reforms and became the world's most developed country, exporting about $ 600 billion today. Turkey's exports reach less than $ 200 billion. Last year it was at the level of  $ 160-170 billion. Their GDP is 2.5 times higher than Turkey's. Their budget is 3 times larger than Turkey's. Their country's land is very small in terms of area. It is 7.7 times smaller than Turkey’s. Their total area is ​​108 thousand square kilometers. The territory of Azerbaijan is 86.6 thousand square kilometers. There is great progress in all areas, especially in science. Samsung's exports exceed all of Turkey's exports. Samsung's expenditures on science alone are 4-5 times higher than Turkey's expenditures on science. Only Samsung’s expenditures on science are as much as the expenditures of 57 Muslim countries. It is the science that develops everything in South Korea, it takes the country step further. Turkey has just woken up and started to move in this direction.

But neither funding nor organization is completely free. Whoever has a friend at court, whoever is in line with protectionist officials and politics, is climbing the ladder. The person who discovered Bayraktar is from the president's family. If this person were someone else (whoever he was), it is clear that he would never have reached this level, and this great discovery would not have come to light. In this comparison, Turkey is very weak.

Let me give you another example, the level of development of Singapore is close to us. Both mentally and in terms of direction. Singapore's exports are about $ 376 billion, while Turkey's exports are 2.5 times lower. Singapore is almost a dwarf state. Its GDP is $ 374 billion, and in giant Turkey, it is only $ 720 billion. This figure is much lower than in the small states such as Switzerland and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Dwarf, small countries have gone far beyond Turkey and become the most developed countries in the world. This comparison shows that Turkey's development in this direction is not normal yet. It does not correspond to the mentality of the Turkish people, the skills of this people, the abilities of this people. What are the reasons for this? These are only the systems, mechanisms, and directions used, and it will not give good results in this form. Look at the level that Turkey could reach if the system provided for Bayraktar for science and development was created for the whole nation.

Question: Some experts point out the political aspects of the devaluation, while others say that it is due to purely economic factors. Which version is closer to you?

Answer: There are several reasons for devaluation. There are both political and economic reasons. I think it is the result of more political and emotional decisions, the result of the strengthening of radical religiosity. We have given our authority (finances) to the United States and Europe, that is, all our resources depend on them. They use. Emotional actions with them are unacceptable and will not lead to any results. The situation with the United States must be resolved, the situation with Israel must be resolved. They need it more than Turkey (I explained that). Depreciation of the national currency as a result of devaluation reduces the cost of exports. One thing to keep in mind here is that everything going on is paid out of people’s pockets. Today (let’s take the manat), the real value of the manat is 45 gapiks against the dollar, and the exchange rate is 1.70 manats, so we pay 1.70 manats for a dollar worth 45 gapiks. We buy dollars so expensive. As well as in Turkey. All this is paid out of people’s pockets and deals a big blow to the country. It seems to me that such things are unacceptable. A Swedish economist (Gustav Cassel) put forward the theory of estimating and measuring the economic power of countries according to the law of price and purchasing power and proved that the currency is measured by its real value, not by the exchange rate. If 1,000 identical goods are at the same price in Turkey, Azerbaijan, the United States, and Europe, the dollar exchange rate against the lira will be different, i.e., more. The manat is 45 gapiks against the dollar, but we pay 1.70 manats, 4 times more. The situation is the same in Turkey. According to Gustav Cassel, Turkey's GDP is $ 2.3 trillion; however, the market value of the devalued lira is only $ 720 billion. Instead of $ 170 billion in exports, the Turkish people send $ 500 billion worth of goods. The Turkish government is proud to report that exports have increased so much; however, it does not say that a product that is sold three times its real value in any market will be sold immediately. This is also paid out of the blood and soul of the country, the ordinary people.

In developed foreign countries, the opposite is true. They sell their products at a higher price and buy what they buy from us very cheaply. This is a big problem in the world economy, it must be seriously analyzed, investigated, and solved using this virtual system, the digital system. Why PPP statistics (Prices and purchasing power parities) are not conducted in Azerbaijan or Turkey, why should we, the scientists, use US and European statistics?

Today's data, the numbers and the data have grown so much that it is impossible to process that data with simple human labor (3-5 people) and get results. There are software programs for this, that is, new sciences such as artificial intelligence, data science, financial engineering, machine learning, cognitive science. You need to be able to draw the right conclusions. The population, the ordinary people, the whole nation pay the price for our (I mean Turkey) deception so much.

If you add the Turkish economy and the Azerbaijani economy to these machines (programs), it will be the complete opposite of today's system, the path we have taken, the mechanisms we have applied, the results we have achieved. I recently published a book: The Need for Digital Transition and Accelerated Technological Development (I'll give it to you), and there are a few machine-based calculations across our country that are the exact opposite of the results we have achieved today. It gave better and more beautiful results.

Recently, Turkey has made significant progress in the military field and, in general, has done much to maintain peace in the world. This brings good dividends, respect, and income to Turkey. It is necessary to take advantage of this situation and continue the work. It is necessary to invest a large amount of capital in the military industry. The science expenditures are $ 4 billion. I just compared it with South Korea, they have $ 90 billion. Samsung alone spends $ 18 billion on science. If we take one of the Turkish companies, no one spends half a billion dollars on science. A SOCAR-type company has spent $ 2 million on science. According to artificial intelligence and programs, SOCAR’s expenditures on science should be $ 1 billion. New works bring new achievements. Let's take Azerbaijan. In 1985, I was conducting research. Azerbaijani authors issued 1,350 patents. Do you know the number of patents today? We issue 109 patents. Although 35-36 years have passed, we have fallen behind instead of advancing in science.

Question: In your opinion, what is the main reason for the depreciation of the lira?

Answer: What is the reason for the depreciation of the lira? For general reasons. I have been involved in the economy of this country for a long time, I have books and programs, I told you. 90% of Erdoğan's inflation prevention program has passed through my hands and has been implemented accurately, and this program saved this country from that problem for a long time. Turkey began to develop from the Özal’s period, and as soon as the development started, inflation was followed by continuous inflation of 70-80-90%. It had become virtually impossible to prevent it. But as soon as Erdoğan came to power, he was able to prevent inflation in one year. He developed this country a lot. They achieved what they failed to do in 15 years in one year and made significant progress in the next 10 years. On Erdoğan’s first 10 years in office, Turkey went through a good process and developed. The exchange rate of the lira did not deteriorate, did not depreciate. In 2013 or 2014, a dollar was 2.6 liras. But in subsequent processes, it began to depreciate rapidly. Now you see that when the program was adopted, when the lira was renewed for the first time, the former lira reached 1.3-1.4 million liras for 1 dollar. The zeros were removed when the lira was renewed, and the exchange rate was 1.3 lira at that time. By 2013, they were able to keep up to 2.6 liras. Then as if the process suddenly stopped. Since then, it has been declining rapidly. Now it is about 14 liras.

First, let me tell you the global reasons. In general, there is a serious unfair imbalance in the geography of money around the world. The money of our countries is kept in Europe and America due to the improper establishment of the financial system. In this case, we give them our power with our own hands, money is lost, everything is gone. At the same time, we start fighting with them and show emotion. For example, you give them the whole system management. You give them all the reserves, all the foreign exchange reserves, all the money. You keep this money either in dollars or in euros, which means that it is in their account, it is in their hands. At any time, America can formalize it, can embargo your money, it can bring you down. It can bring you down in a day or two. Whoever has the money has the authority. As long as the geographical system of this money has not changed, such injustice will continue.

A few years ago, I made a proposal to change this. And now I have written about it in detail in my new book. We should not keep all the money in Europe but several countries should unite in a group and create a union of foreign exchange reserves and place the money in our banks, in the banks of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Turkmenistan (on the basis of mutual guarantees). Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan… About $ 300 billion is in Western first-class banks. Turkish states have large reserves. Now look, all the Arabic money, all the Arabic dollars are kept in Europe and America and kept in the currencies of these countries. 70% of our main foreign exchange reserves are kept in dollars. Some are kept in euros, and some in Japanese yen, i.e. in the currencies of developed countries. Now, consider that the geography of this money is not so big, but 80-90% of the money is in Europe and America. We have a money deficit, a big deficit - loan money, reserve money, and other money. The geography of 80-90% of money kept is Europe and America. Consider that there are $ 40 trillion in reserves in Europe and America today, and not all of that money is American or European money. The vast majority are from other countries, gathered from another third group of countries, including the money of Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan, all of which are kept there; therefore, that money cannot be put into circulation. No matter what country the money is kept in, it works in the interests of that country. There, that money is used in all forms, and large incomes are generated, good investments are made, and they give us a little fraction of the interest. Now, this right must be restored. From the 1980s, financing and science began to take shape, the procedures, of course, have been in place since the creation of Europe and America, the formation of a market economy. What is this? Increasing the role of debts, loans, financial assets, and financial mechanisms in the overall economic development. You see, there is a deficit in Turkey today. But in Europe and America, there is an additional $ 40 trillion, and loans and debts are 2-3 times more than the gross domestic product. It is 3 times more in England, and all the money of the whole world is collected there. Little Luxembourg has a gross domestic product of $ 65 billion, others owe $ 3.7 trillion to Luxembourg, it has money on credit, and it collects money from abroad. Why can't we collect the money? Because not any Muslim country in the world has a bank in the top 100, there is no normal financial institution, and they can't find a reliable bank to place their money. But Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, America - the most reliable and largest banks in the world are there. The point is that they do not go anywhere to borrow money. You, I, and other countries go to them and ask them, “Save our money in your banks. You may not have to pay interest, or you may pay a little fraction of the interest.” Look, that system must change. It can be changed in the way I mentioned.

Today, the change in the exchange rate of the lira, the very high interest rates, all these processes in Turkish countries, in other Muslim countries, in the former Soviet Union countries are mainly related to this factor. Singapore immediately solved this problem. As soon as Li Kuan came and started the reforms, he focused on this direction, established a large financial market, he attracted the world through transit and the financial market there. Singapore is a small country but has $ 2 trillion in resources. The country's banking assets are more than $ 1.5 trillion (imagine that Azerbaijan has only $ 20 billion in assets, while Turkey has $ 470 billion in assets, and the two countries' bank assets are three times smaller than dwarf Singapore's bank assets). These assets are cash and can be a source of investment at any time. Although they are temporary, they are given to you as a loan, this money is in your hands, you can use it in any way. It can affect you in any way. Whoever has the money starts to work, and he/she can do it on a large scale. Imagine as an abstract: if Turkish banks had mobilized as much money as Singapore, if they had created so much money in the country, if they could have given 2-3% loans to any businessman, how much would the country develop? The development of this country could not be stopped - this nation is a nation that pierces rocks and stones with its teeth and nails, it is able to do five times what a Singaporean and a Korean do.

I have repeatedly stated that the performance of any government is to provide the country with plenty of money (low interest rates, fast, efficient). A government that cannot do this, the Central Bank must take care of themselves. The average yield in the world is 10% per annum. You need to provide a source that the interest on the loan should not exceed one-third or at most half of the interest on profitability. Both Turkey and Azerbaijan can do this at the expense of their own internal resources, and the world can be brought here by attracting foreign resources.

The second major reason is the religious radicalization of Turkey. It started with Erdoğan's coming to power. It hit the Turkish public hard. In Turkey, Erdoğan was called a tie-wearing Muslim, meaning that the people had high hopes for him as a secular, civilized politician. Therefore, the vast majority (atheists, social democrats, republicans, people of other religions, etc.) voted for him; however, unfortunately, the gathering of only radical believers around himself changed him significantly. Radical religiosity is a serious threat everywhere and at all times, especially, the religion of Islam…

I did some research. I researched an electronic system, a program that determines the correlation between the level of religiosity and the level of development. The level of religiosity and the level of economic development are inversely proportional. Whichever country has the highest level of religiosity (99-100%) is the most backward poor country (79% of the Turkish population is a believer, which is a dangerous level). This applies to all religions. It has very deep roots. We do not have the opportunity to discuss them now. If we have the opportunity, we may discuss it once. These countries are considered the most backward. But countries with very low levels of religiosity are the most developed. It has a philosophical background. These people do not expect anything from anyone. They work day and night, develop with science and technology. But the most backward countries are Yemen, Ethiopia, Malawi, Somalia, Djibouti, Sri Lanka, etc. with 99-100% religiosity. But the most developed countries are Japan, China, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, etc with 7-38% religiosity. This figure is 34% in Azerbaijan, and there is greater hope for the future of Azerbaijan than for Turkey or other countries. No matter which religious country you look at, they are collapsing. After Erdoğan came to power in Turkey, this process has begun seriously and continues to show its negative results today.

A third reason is the violation of the rights of businessmen during Erdoğan’s rule, and the process of evicting all good businessmen has begun. Fortunately, the eviction of just the Gülen group from the country did not bring Turkey down much. It endured. This group became very wealthy and developed through science and education. There was no sign of Islam there. All of their works were the Jewish way. You can read, look at, and see this the Talmud. They began with the same system as in the Talmud. Education, profit, and financial capital. They have accumulated all financial capital in large quantities. Turkey has benefited greatly from it. The development of science in Turkey today is, in fact, their service. No project, no group, no country that started with education and science can be defeated, history has never seen such an experience. The direction and development of today's society depend on it. Science is the locomotive of society's development. Without it, it is impossible to make progress and to have the process of building a creative society. However, a consumer society is being established in almost all of the Muslim countries, and the processes are being built and developed in this direction. The Gülen group controlled about 50 percent of the Turkish capital. They achieved this with intelligence and education. Erdoğan evicted all of them. After evicting all of them, there was a serious drought in Turkey. Another reason was the political one, the emotional solution of problems with America and Europe. One thing we need to understand is that we have given our authority to America, to the dollar, and, of course, it will not be possible to treat it in this way from now on. Look, Turkey is such a great country that it can still withstand despite such mistakes.

The United States can move its hand and turn everything upside down in an hour. The Internet is worth anything. It can overthrow the whole country by imposing an embargo at any time. Imagine, the Internet will not work for an hour. The Turkish people work very seriously with the Internet and the virtual network, and when it does not work, the country may collapse. On the other hand, you gave them all the money, foreign exchange reserves. They keep it, and if they impose an embargo on any country's currency or bank, if they impose a sanction, that money will remain like Gaddafi's money for 10 years. Of course, such a thing cannot happen, Turkey is not a small state, but it is possible. If we go too deep, they may take any action. At this very moment, if the United States keeps its hand off the capitalists and tells them, “I am out of that,” then it is over. Nobody comes to help. Here, too, there may be a serious dollar deficit, currency deficit, and the lira will continue to fall. Now, in order to prevent this, we need to start the process of unification and grouping of the countries I mentioned.

The creation of a union of foreign exchange reserves will significantly eliminate this dependence. It is also important to normalize relations with the United States. Let me give you an example of radical religiosity. A change in the profile of a Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque: it was a world museum, it functioned as a museum of religions and peoples. It was a great source of capital. Not only with a $ 20-30 visit but also with the number of people coming and the amount of currency being brought each time. How did Özal raise and develop the country?. After Özal first received approval from the United States, the United States provided $ 4 billion in aid to Turkey. Free of charge, on a non-refundable basis. And the United States also told world investors, “I am all for it. Let's come.” Then came the big influx, big banks, big investment funds, big companies. And all the developed countries of the world achieved results in this way, and after a while, Turkey turned its position again and led the country to such a bad situation; however, if this process continued in a moderate way, Turkey could go very far. And Turkey would be a de facto developed country today. But it is getting weaker. There is also development. Much progress has been made during Erdoğan’s rule. But it is impossible to reach somewhere with this slow development. Americans have a good saying, “You have to constantly run in order to develop society and to maintain your position. You have to run faster if you want to overtake someone. If others run faster, they will catch you and passes you again, and you will be left behind.” Now you need to develop in this form. All of the 38 countries that have become developed countries over Turkey, such as South Korea, Singapore, and the United States helped Turkey in the Özal’s period. There is no country that can reach the level of a developed country without the hand of America. Every one of them is grateful for that. After the Second World War, we cite the Marshall Plan to aid to Japan, aid to Singapore. Even China rose with American capital. This is a new system, that is, a direction, we may talk about it separately later. With Lee Kuan Yew's plans to use both the United States and Europe, they separated China from the communist system, made investments, and saved the planet from the nightmare of communism. It all happened with the hands of America. If America says, “No. I'm leaving,” today everyone will leave immediately. But it does not do it yet. Because if China stops today, it may have a big impact on the whole society. China, on the other hand, is not acting emotionally but very wisely, unlike Turkey. As soon as it touches any economic interests, it stops, starts negotiations, and tries to resolve them through negotiations. This is one of the reasons.

Another reason is that Turkey has a serious problem with its foreign trade balance. Exports have always been less than imports in Turkey, and a process called the free market economy has developed very poorly in Turkey. The authorities do not allow the process to continue naturally. Singapore has $ 331 billion in imports and $ 376 billion in exports. It brings goods to the port city, works a little, and distributes goods from there to the world. They work on the goods there and re-export the goods. While Singapore is a transit port city, all around Turkey are transit port cities. From the Black Sea to the Marmara, the Aegean, the Mediterranean. All of them pass through the territory of Turkey and there are all the conditions to organize this process. Recently, in the Karabakh war, the United States and Europe gave a big mandate to Turkey to build and develop the economy in this form and created opportunities. Europe and the United States do not do it for fun. Turkey stands as a serious barrier to communist and Islamic terrorism for Europe and the United States. Turkey protects the whole of Europe and America from red terror and green terror. A lot of work is being done. Turkey has such a big role. It is a great state. There is an opportunity to carry out processes to do this. There is an opportunity to earn money and build a great economy. But they acted against it with emotional actions.

The fourth reason is that the Central Bank of Turkey is not free and works under pressure. No state has succeeded under such governance. Even the index of dependence between the independence of central banks and inflation and the exchange rate has been determined worldwide, and the negative impact of non-independent central banks on cash flow was confirmed. The level of independence of the Central Bank of Turkey has never met these conditions and has always had a negative impact on macroeconomic regulation. The AKP government has pushed this dependence to its peak and has brought the lira to the current state.

Another reason is the recent rise in prices for crude oil and oil products. Oil prices began to rise sharply. The price for Azerbaijani oil exceeded $ 80 per barrel. This is a great loss for Turkey. Turkey had a large foreign trade deficit. This was prevented a bit last year. Prices for Turkish imports have fallen sharply. But this year, oil and gas have again reached a peak. Oil and gas prices have not risen so much in the last 10 years. This has led to a significant increase in the cost of imports. Export prices are falling. This created a lot of problems and deficits. For these reasons, the lira has fallen sharply, and they have not been able to take such serious measures to rehabilitate the Turkish economy, and there is no program regarding this.

Question: Is a positive trend expected in the economy?

Answer: No, unfortunately, I do not feel, I do not see. The economy is very weak; however, the military policy is very good, is at a very high level, and is about to show itself to the world. Today, Europe has given Turkey a carte blanche as a rival so that Turkey can develop into a second world leader (as a second rival country). But it seems to me that maybe I misunderstand, but the facts say that Turkey can not realize this advantage. However, the results it achieved in the military field, Turkey's unification with Azerbaijan in military policy, I think, are the result of neither Turkey's nor Russia's policy. This is the result of the policy pursued by the Republic of Azerbaijan and its Supreme Commander-in-Chief. He brought great innovations, including the fact that fraternal peoples had a chance to come together for the first time in the world, for the first time in our history. There was a real chance to form a great union. It should start with the establishment of this currency union. Union of foreign exchange reserves. Today, Turkey can easily get out of this situation with these foreign exchange reserves, and the power is in unity. If the union is formed, these countries can together become developed countries, and they can together become one of the world's leading countries. This has always been the case. Before Islam, the Turks, including us, led the world. 2-3 centuries after Islam, there was a very serious setback, temporary failure. After the Ottoman revival, this process continued for another 800-900 years. Progress has begun with Atatürk's rebuilding of the country, but they are slowing this progress down. The 21st century was supposed to be the Turkish century. But, unfortunately, we have not achieved this.

The plans of the Digital Transition Scientific Research Institute, of which I am the founder and scientific director, cover major programs (these are also in the book I told you about), including the establishment of Virtual Turan, the establishment of a virtual union, the establishment of the whole Azerbaijan virtually, the synchronization of digital Turkic languages, the creation of digital Turkish language, forecasts of economic development, calculation of economic potential, etc. with artificial intelligence programs. Moral integration is not contrary to any international convention or treaty. This is a spiritual integration for now. Spiritual integration can bring everything gradually. Virtual creativity is the teaching, education, and preparation of people. Everything is getting started here.

Our cooperation with Erdoğan dates back to 1991, and it was this group that invited me to Turkey at that time. At the time, Erdoğan was in the National Welfare Party, at the same time, Fethullah Gülen's group. They were all in the same place. I also received a lot of help. At that time, I worked with them all the time. In the reports at that time, and then in the development of programs, as well as in the establishment of the program of National Welfare at that time. Later, Erdoğan founded a party, and I played a role in setting up his program. I went to prison, we even met with Erdoğan in prison several times. These programs were very beautiful, elegantly designed, and published in the press. My articles and then my book were constantly published in the Turkish press, both in newspapers and magazines, as well as on television and radio. It was a great book. That book was a very serious concept of the development of the Turkic world. I also participated in this project. Erdoğan’s own party left that party at that time, and the process of establishing a new party, preventing inflation and economic development was carried out on the basis of my articles and research. Very well done. In 10 years, inflation has become single digits. Development continued in all directions, but for a while, then stopped.

Question: Can the new Minister of Finance play a serious role?

Answer: Today, Turkey's Minister of Finance was replaced. I also listened to his programs. It is no different from the speeches of the Minister of Finance of the Tansu Çiller’s period or the previous Minister of Finance (Lütfi Elvan) of the Erdoğan’s period. If a minister comes, he must put a ready-made program and submit it for public discussion. But it is felt that people not only do not know this process but also do not understand it at all. But as long as the government, groups, and leaders have always pulled the country back, these people have pulled it forward. A serious development has been achieved at their expense. At least they saved this country from collapse. Look, one of the Soviet scientists went to America. His country was on the verge of collapse. He could not openly criticize his country at that time. While he was in America, he mentioned problems. In other words, he talked about mismanagement. One of the American journalists asks, “How do the Soviets cope with it?” Look at the answer to this, he both fears (is unable to say openly) and gives a cunning answer: “Look at how strong and powerful the economy is that can cope with all kinds of mismanagement.” Look at the Turkish economy, how powerful it is to withstand such experiments and approaches every day. I think these processes can be changed in a very short time but the economy must adapt to politics. Second, emotionality must be replaced by calmness. For example, if I build mosques and do something else here to please someone or make the museum a mosque, it can never work, it can never work. Everything will be ruined.

In reality, it seems to me that the Turkish government should develop an artificial intelligence program, nothing more. Turkey must provide it with data on the economy. Let that data be processed by artificial intelligence and give you a clear idea of how to develop the Turkish economy with all its figures. It needs 5-6 data scientists (new science) so that those specialists solve and build that program as soon as possible.

The Turkish government (AKP) still can’t accept such things. They can’t get too close to science. Most leaders say, “Why do we need science? We will develop like this.”

The country can be taken out of the situation in a short time. There is no big problem. And now the country is developing rapidly, you just need to curb it. That development had to be curbed, that is, the management system had to be taken and maintained. But it did not happen there, they did not curb it. Economic growth must result in inflation. If you do not control economic growth for a while, it can turn into hyperinflation, and inflation can turn into a dangerous situation. But if you curb it, control it, and use it, that's another matter. Then you will be able to get results. Inflation is a concept, a category, a process with destructive energy. If you can tame it and develop it for the sake of the country, then it will be useful. Today, a situation has arisen in which they have not been able to curb inflation, and such a mixed system has emerged. You remember the Soviet era, the biggest complaint was that they did not have the computer power to process the biggest data. Now neither the people of this government nor us nor the people of the world have the means to process so much data. Even if you bring Americans, they will not be able to. They need to be passed through artificial intelligence programs. There is no other way.

The data used by the government is less than 20% of all necessary data. In our economy, the data of the whole country must be collected in order to take into account all the factors when forecasting. Data in the hands of the state alone is not 15-20%. It is impossible to achieve any good results with it. No artificial intelligence program will give you the right results. But if you provide all the data, even the opinions and thoughts of those who are fighting for child benefits in our country or data about people who want to develop science on the side of science (data about them is provided by the State Statistical Committee), you can get results. They give false data in Turkey today, and even that false data and data on social networks can be taken into account, and results can be achieved by data processing through artificial intelligence.

Shahmar Agabalayev 

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