Yagublu arrested for exposing the myth of Mardun Gumashyan

The observer for the newspaper "Yeni Musavat" Tofig Yagublu is not guilty on any of the charges, said in an interview with Objective TV the newspaper editor Rauf Arifoglu.

According to him, Yagublu went to Ismayilli 10 hours after the beginning of the violence, when there was already exposed the police cordon. He and a cameraman named Anar showed their service cards and were allowed to pass the police cordon, but soon they were detained. Once the editor applied to the leadership of the district police, they were released.

2 days later (February 4) Yagublu and the head of the movement REAL Ilgar Mamedov were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting the authorities.

In a video of Yagublu's communication with the police, including the time of his arrest and before, he did not even argue, though he was obliged to express dissatisfaction with the police preventing his service trip.

The editor explained such rigidity of the authorities with the fact that Yagublu was a single reporter who went to the village Shulaveri in Georgia and interviewed Mardun Gumashyan, whom the Azerbaijani authorities accused of the organization of terror in the Oil Academy on April 30, 2009.

Having been in the place of the baker Mardun Gumashyan, he depicted the life of the "terrorist wanted by the authorities of Azerbaijan" and came to a conclusion that this is a normal workaholic, and no one is looking for him. In Interpol to Yagublu's request they also said that in their file there was no "terrorist" like that.

The prosecutor's office takes revenge on Yagublu precisely because he exposed this myth of the investigation, said the editor.

"I have a few days to seek an audience with the public prosecutor, as part of the investigation to at least change the measure of restraint for Yagublu. Two members of this family are under investigation for various items, which is regarded as an unjustified revenge," said the editor.

The editorial office requested the Press Council, the Prosecutor's Office and the Presidential Administration, but in vain.

Six months before the elections there have begun calls to the prosecutor office of the leading members of opposition newspapers "Yeni Musavat" and "Azadlig" who are warned against serious estimates for the political leadership.

This election will be more "interesting." For the first time there is a tendency, when mass protests are spontaneous and not provoked by major parties. Society is displeased obviously by the bundle of "fattened" officials, who do not consider the simple rules of human coexistence. Power must change the methods of government; otherwise we will observe more severe consequences, the editor of Yeni Musavat said.-17D-


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