Another group of "prisoners of hijab" is convicted

Today Narimanov  district court sentenced 10 believers, the participants of the protest action in defense of the hijab in front of the Ministry of Education October 5, 2012. The court sentenced Turkel Rasulov, Elnur Hasanov, Elsevar Isayev, Yusif Mirzoev, Rauf Salekhov to 1.5 years in prison.

Seymour Bagirli, Yousif Mirzoev, Muhammad Qambarov, Nofel   Mammadov and Bakhtiyar Agayev were convicted to two years of imprisonment. 

Khudaverdi Abdullayev was sentenced to two years in prison.

All of them were found guilty under the Article 233 (violation of public order.)

At the same time, they were acquitted of 315.2 (providing resistance to authority with violence), according to Agayev’s lawyer, Rustam Zulfuqarov.

Earlier, on the same event another eight people were convicted.

 Due to the protest action. on  October 5, 2012, thirty one people were arrested. The investigation  in the case of some of them is still going on.

Approximately 2,000 believers held a protest, demanding the lifting of the ban on headscarves in schools. During the event, there were massive clashes with the police. -16D06-


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