Residents of the Apsheron Peninsula and Baku have raised concerns over persistently low voltage in their electricity supply, with readings from stabilizers showing levels between 150-190 volts, significantly below the contracted standard of 220 volts promised by Azerishig, the national electricity provider.

Complaints highlight the practical impacts of this issue, preventing residents from operating air conditioners during hot weather and causing disruptions to other household appliances. In a notable incident on June 19, passenger train No. 705 traveling from Agstafa to Baku experienced a delay of over two hours due to technical electricity supply failures, prompting stranded passengers to be transferred to buses, according to Azerbaijan Railways (AJD).

Azerishig acknowledged the challenges in a statement to Turan news agency, attributing them to ongoing unstable weather conditions in Azerbaijan. The company assured residents that these difficulties are temporary and pledged to resolve the issue in the coming days.

The situation underscores ongoing infrastructure challenges in Azerbaijan's electricity distribution network, impacting daily life and transportation services.

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