Forecasters warn of a sharp change in weather conditions

Forecasters warn of a sharp change in weather conditions

On Wednesday, May 22, partly cloudy weather is expected in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula. In the evening, short-term precipitation is possible in some parts of the peninsula. The northeast wind will prevail. The air temperature at night will be +12 +16°, during the day +20 +25°, according to the National Hydrometeorology Service.

Forecasters predict occasional precipitation on May 22-23 in mountainous and foothill areas, and from May 24 to May 27 in other selected areas. In some places, precipitation will be torrential, hail will fall, and there is a chance of snow in the highlands.

Starting from the daytime hours of May 24 to the middle of the day on May 26, in some places the easterly wind speed will reach 23-28 m/s.  An increase in water content is expected in the Kura, Araz, Ganykh and Gabyrry rivers.

Short-term floods and mudslides are expected in the mountains of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus, the Lankaran-Astara zone.

It should be noted that on the website of the National Hydrometeorology Service, an alert about precipitation and windy weather in the coming days is marked in red, which means a warning about extreme risks caused by storms and hurricanes.




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