Head of military NGO urges Parliament to discuss the problems in the army

The head of the Association of Reserve Officers Yashar Jafarli sent an open letter to members of Milli Majlis on the situation in the army.

The letter says that "despite the fact that the state budget allocated to military spending large sums of money, this factor had a positive impact on the negative atmosphere in the army." Army needs fundamental reform. Crime statistics in the army in recent years has become more and more depressing. At the same time, the number of discharged officers "at will" or "mismatch official duties." According to the law, the officers who have served in the army more than 15 years should be provided with housing, however, for the past 21 years the problem has become one of the intractable.

According to the writer, the current leadership of the army still holds Soviet thinking, without considering the requirements of the time. "The hard-hitting situation prevails in the army because of the lack of intelligence at the army leadership and the injustice that prevails against the officer corps and military personnel," said Jafarli.

According to the writer, to identify the true state of the army, unannounced inspections are necessary in the army, a mechanism of public and parliamentary control over the armed forces. Jafarli also offered to hold a meeting with the leadership of the army at the head of state. He called for greater parliamentary control over the army, the increased attention to the construction of the army, to take urgent action to improve combat readiness and military power of the armed forces. -05D04-


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