"Pasha Sigorta" by VHI contracts again becomes a leader in January

Insurance company "Pasha Sigorta" in January attracted 22 million 77 thousand 357 manats, which is more than 2 million more than last year and the result is 41.7% of all the collected premiums. In insurance structures is no longer perceived as a sensation, although last year its 20-million contract with the state company's service medical insurance splash.

Record and total "harvest" of the insurance market was in January of last year, and there was raised AZN 37 million 002.34 thsd, while this year it has already reached almost half of the result of the past 53 million 919.35 thousand manats. According to experts of the State Insurance Supervision Service, such growth promises doubling of the local market.

In the second place came the company "Ipek Yolu Sigorta", for many years the former leader of the first half. In January last year, it was on account of its 480 thousand manats, this year it is (mainly for air transport insurance and liability of the owners) has collected 6 million 288.8 thousand manats.

For the second year in defiance of tradition, the company "Ateshgah Hayat Sigorta" became the winner in January to collect premiums on the insurance market of Azerbaijan, earning the first month of the year AZN 4 886.34 million of premiums insurers (last year 3.09 million ). The company surpassed herself in the sample 16 times, which is kind of a record. In addition, the company specializing in life insurance has never climbed so high in the ranking. However, not so quickly, but also greatly improved the position of another "life" structure - "Pasha Hayat Sigorta". If last year on her account was only 107.93 thousand, in January this year, she reached the 6th place with AZN 2 258.14 million of premiums.

As of January you can make certain predictions. If in the past year, some former leaders did not even make the top five, but this year between the old and new favorites flare serious struggle for customers. After the entry into force of the new version of the Law of Azerbaijan Republic "On mandatory insurance" will grow the market, identify priorities and business activity of companies in a particular segment of the insurance.

Thus, repeated last year's situation when "Ateshgah" and "AzSigorta" successfully fought for a place in the top five. In January this year, they have collected, respectively, AZN 2 385.03 million and 2 million 342.71 thousand manats. At this rate, and with the usual "swinging" public company "AzerSigorta" reasonably be expected to enter and for the year among the top five companies.

The rest of the structure could not reach 2 million manat. In this case, as always, good location collects tandem of International Insurance Company with exponent 1 million 920.56 thousand manats and "Xalq Sigorta" with AZN 1 437.77 million, significantly stepped the million mark.

Other representatives of the top ten also passed one million copies, and they also have something to submit to the Ministry of Finance. The company "Standard Insurance" with AZN 1 305.38 million of premiums was the 9th one. In January last year, it collected 440 thsd AZN less than this.

At the 10th place with a score of 1 million 224.44 thousand manats located AXA MBASK, but the state commercial company "AzerSigorta" (eternal contender for prizes by the mandatory insurance) could not manage one million copies.

The leader in payments is "Pasha Sigorta". In January, it compensated for insurance claims 1.14 million manat, which is 120 thsd AZN better the second indicator of the state company "AzerSigorta".


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