How Russia bought the loyalty of Finland and Sweden

Baku/18.05.22/Turan: Putin's loyalty on the issue of membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO stems from unfavorable international conditions for Russia, Azerbaijani scholar Jamil Hasanly believes.

Professor Hasanli, who is known in the scientific circles of the world for his studies of the Soviet period, and in particular, the 30-40s of the 20th century, notes that in fact Russia has always tried to keep the Finns under pressure. Although the independence of Finland was officially recognized at 23:58 hours on December 31, 1917, Soviet Russia, and then the Soviet Union, tried to limit it in various ways. As a result of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940, the Soviet Union occupied 11 percent of Finland's territory and 30 percent of its economy. Because of this war, in 1939 the Soviet Union was expelled from the League of Nations.

In order to maintain this "victory", the Soviet Union kept the Finnish government under constant pressure after World War II, providing clandestine financial support to the Communist Party of Finland.

When the list of secret financial assistance of the USSR to the communist and socialist countries of the world was announced, it became known that by secret decisions of the Politburo of the USSR of November 1, 1946, 5 million Finnish marks were transferred to the Communist Party of Finland, on January 16, 1948 - 80 million Finnish marks, 17 February 1948 - 60 million Finnish marks, May 17, 1949 - 50 million Finnish marks, October 31, 1949 - 20 million Finnish marks, March 13, 1950 - 100 million Finnish marks, September 10, 1952 10 million were secretly provided Finnish marks (US$300,000).

This assistance was mainly provided to ensure the victory of the Communist Party in the elections in Finland and to campaign against the government of the country. To this end, troubled Russians extended a "helping hand" to the Swedish Communist Party. For example, on April 6, 1950, the Swedish Communist Party received a secret financial aid of 20,000 SEK for special purposes. Of course, this "aid" continued until the collapse of the Soviet regime, and one of the factors that destroyed the USSR was this ineffective "aid".

Finland's concern, as a former Russian colony, is understandable in connection with the fact that Putin's Russia has declared imperial claims. The Finns want a reliable guarantee, including from NATO, for their security against threats from Russia.

Professor Hasanly presented copies of the secret decisions of the CPSU Politburo on providing financial assistance to the communist parties of Finland and Sweden. –0—

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