Linguistic expertise gives conclusion against Eldaniz Guliyev

On Wednesday Baku Nasimi Court continued hearing on the lawsuit of the Interior Minister Ramil Usubov against Eldaniz Guliyev, the chairman of the Association of Intellectuals.

On August 20 Guliyev  criticized on his Facebook page actions of the traffic police. Interior Minister saw this as an insult and defamation of all the police, and filed a suit for defamation, demanding to prosecute.

On  September 8 court-appointed linguistic expertise. Guliyev believes that this prosecution was politically motivated, and is connected with his opposition activities in the Association  of Intellectuals and the National Council.

At today's meeting was publicized conclusion of linguistic expertise under  the Justice Ministry, which confirmed that "the words of Guliyev have elements of libel and insult."

However,  it was not indicted who was insulted, Guliyev told the correspondent of Turan. At the same time, he said that  he did not allow insults and slander against the plaintiff.

Guliyev said that  the hearing was rescheduled for 20 October because the lawyers should familiarizes with the materials of  expertise.

The Court also rejected the petition to abolish the measure of restraint - not to leave  the country.-05B06-

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