Maarif Mursalov: I was forced to give up my son

The father of the young activist (PPFA) Rasul Mursalova who is in political emigration  appealed to the presidential administration and law enforcement agencies with a statement of renunciation of their son. The news in the style of 1937 years  of the last century was reported on the eve of a number of local media. Turan agency appealed to Maarif Mursalov, father of the  young activist, asking for a comment.

"No one would give up  child willingly, but our family and our relatives are constantly under pressure. Therefore, I was forced to give up my son, so that they leave us. The alternative was the refusal of the Azerbaijani citizenship, but how can I go at this age," said Maarif Rasulov.

According to him, the pressure  was exerted on his family by police officers and other government agencies.

"Because my  son dared to express his opinion  we all are under pressure. That's why I gave up my son," said Mursalov. Being asked what was the treat,  the father of the activist said that  his relatives were threatened to  be dismissed from work.

"Why do you blame my son?  Cannot people express  their opinion? Why is  his family  under pressure? Because of this my son was forced to emigrate. Can we also emigrate?  May be then they will leave us alone! " said M.Mursalov.

Rasul Mursalov was an activist of the Popular Front Party. In July 2012 he was arrested on charges of illegal  crossing the Azerbaijani-Georgian border, and was  sentenced to 1.5 years in prison.

In January 2014 he was released and continued his opposition activities.

In August 2014 Zagatala his family was summoned to the police and were old that  a lasuit can be filed agianst their son on charges of treason and fraud. Thereafter Rasul Mursalov emigrated.

This is the second case of a failure of family opposition. Prior to that,  relatives gave up  the head of the Meydan TV , Emin Milli.-03C06-

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