Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

The application of a strict quarantine regime, a look at the operations of the Operational Headquarters, and the level of water reserves in the country are the topics of today's media.

Enforcing Hard Quarantine

The official newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the introduction of a strict quarantine regime in the country from June 21 to August 5, since the easing of the regime aggravated the situation and led to an increase in infection. This was facilitated by the lack of care by people and their non-observance of personal safety rules. Recently, the number of infected has reached 300 people a day, and in hospitals there are already not enough beds.

Both Citizen and Operational Headquarters

The website Sfera.az discusses with experts the activities of the Operational Headquarters and the several illogical measures it has taken. Expert Natig Jafarli stresses that a strict quarantine regime does not destroy the virus, but only slows down its spread. This was confirmed by the hard weekend mode, applied from June 4. The expert considers it necessary to change the rules of behavior of citizens in parallel with the tightening of the regime.

Decrease in Water Reserves in the Country

The website Ovqat.com writes that water reserves in the country are decreasing. Experts argue the need for wastewater treatment for reuse.

The last time an assessment of the country's water reserves was carried out in the 70s. Then it was found that the presence of groundwater is 30 billion cubic meters. Of these, 70% are transboundary waters. About 8 billion cubic meters is groundwater.

It is possible that now these figures have changed and are, perhaps, 22-24 billion cubic meters. In dry years, groundwater reserves may decline by 20-30%.

Ice and snow reserves are also decreasing, which also leads to a decrease in ground water levels.


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