Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/06.08.20/Turan: The violations of public order at the end of the demonstration on July 15 in Baku were a provocation. After that, the head of state accused the Popular Front Party and the National Council of trying to seize power, giving a direct order to law enforcement agencies. This is how the wave of arrests began, reads the appeal to the public of a large group of Azerbaijani journalists.

“That night, our colleagues were reporting live from different parts of the city and there were no anti-state slogans anywhere, but on the contrary, support for the state was expressed.

To consider this peaceful manifestation an attempt to seize power is to strike a blow to the unity of society,” the appeal says.

In the following days, many arrested persons could not contact their relatives for a long time. Reports of torture of those who went to the streets for the sake of solidarity with the army were a real blow to the country's image, the appeal says. “Restrictions on the rights and opportunities of the media under the pretext of a quarantine regime serves to restrict freedom of speech and spread rumors,” the appeal says.

“We express our  concern at the deterioration of human rights; we call on the authorities to put an end to repressions, restrictions on the right to freedom of assembly and expression; we demand to release immediately the arrested participants of the demonstration on July 15,” reads the appeal signed by more than 25 journalists and media workers in Azerbaijan ...

The document is open for signing. -16D-


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