MPs unhappy with the government"s attitude to science and municipalities

Today, members of the parliamentary committee on science, culture, social policy, regional issues, international relations and inter-parliamentary relations, as well as the Human Rights considered the parameters of the state budget for 2013.

Finance Minister Samir Sharifov to theaters will be allocated 9.8 million manat, to films - 6.5 million, to address the problems of the family, children and gender equality - 1.2 million, and to the Ombudsman - 1.5 million. Included, finally, the sum for the maintenance of the political parties, the forecast will be announced at the plenary session on 13 November.

Note that the average budget of a grossing film with a claim to international recognition is (including fees) $ 70-80 million, and setting an "export" play costs $ 5-6 million. Therefore, in the "pushing" of the national culture, a key role, according to the tradition, will be played by extra-budgetary funds (mainly the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, to once again stress the importance of its President) next year.

To foreign missions, including embassies and consulates, they have allocated 61 million manat, including salary increases for diplomats from 15 to 40% depending on the work. To host international events they have allotted 50 million budget manat.

The newly established Fund for the Support of Science will receive 7 million, the program of translation of literary works in Latin - 5 million, and teaching students will cost 88.5 mln. The recovery program promises to renal failure patients 25.8 million, hemophilia - 21.2 million, cancer - 25.1 million, diabetics - 33.7 million, and people with tuberculosis and other infectious diseases - AZN 5 million.

MPs with some qualifications approved the draft budget. According to Yevda Abramov, the lack of social prospects prompted Arab youth to defy the local regimes. He suggested the government to seriously address the housing problem.

Arif Rahimzadeh was discontented with aroused general definitions in describing the concept of regional development. "Talking about the decentralization of the budget, the government does not mention the role of local governments in the process. Municipalities can not solve any local problems, being at the mercy of the executive. We should welcome increased funding for ICT industry , investment in construction, but without a scientific approach local government projects are not needed, at best, are half-hearted," he said. - 17D-


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