Press Review 06/18/14

Official newspapers continue to write about the visit of Ilham Aliyev to Greece and his meetings.


Azadlig writes that the Civil Society Forum in Brussels nominated the political prisoner Anar Mammadli for the Vaclav Havel Award.

The U.S. Ambassador to Azerbaijan Richard Morningstar called the accusations against the Azerbaijani representation of NDI absurd.

Azerbaijan is among the 18 countries in the world, the Constitution of which says that they are republics, but they are actually ruled by the principle of monarchy.

During his visit to Greece Ilham Aliyev met with the leader of the Greek opposition party Alexis Tsipras. The newspaper called it a paradox of the century, as Aliyev presses the opposition in Azerbaijan.


Echo argues that the main purpose of the visit of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov to Azerbaijan is not Eurasian Union, but the Karabakh issue.


Bizim Yol writes that after returning from Syria five people who fought against the Assad regime were arrested in Azerbaijan.

Security forces arrested a group that robbed bank accounts in Baku.

The newspaper writes that the price of international and local tour packages considerably increased this year compared to the last one.


Yeni Musavat writes that the Minister Yavar Jamalov blocked access to the seaside in the Turkan settlement and the head of Azerenergy, Etibar Pirverdiyev blocked the seaside in the village Zira with a fence. The locals are unhappy and complain about these actions to the official bodies.

Drivers of the so-called London taxis in Baku are fired en masse.

The former MP Gular Ahmadova after her release from prison decided to restore the newspaper Merkez she is the owner of.

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