Press Review 19/06/14

Official newspapers write about Ilham Aliyev’s meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, as well as the President of the Congress of Local and Regional Governments of the Council of Europe.


Yeni Azerbaijan published a long article about the U.S. hegemony, based on the strategy of chaos.


Azadlig cites the statement by Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov voiced in Baku that the Karabakh issue is a subject of international negotiations. Thus, the assertion of the official Baku that Russia will put pressure on the Armenians to return Karabakh has not been confirmed.

The newspaper continues to write about the arbitrariness of government officials at the example of the head of Azerenergy Etibar Pirverdiyev who built a recreation center in the village of Zira. To this end, he walled the beaches of the village, blocking the access of the local residents to the seaside.

In the report of the organization Economist Intelligence Unit, by the level of business conditions, Azerbaijan of 82 countries took the 73rd place.

The Ministry of Agriculture sent a complaint to the Prosecutor General that 50% of the subsidies allocated to farmers were plundered. These facts are in all parts of the country.


Express writes that Russia without preconditions wants to see Azerbaijan as part of the Eurasian Union.

Within 5 months of the current year on the basis of family relations 14 men killed their wives, and two women killed their husbands. Another 11 men tried to kill their wives.

The welders Zakir Aliyev and Dmitry Baranov died in an explosion while repairing old wells on behalf of the Taghiyev oil-gas field department owned by SOCAR.


Echo: During the current year, the national army has lost 43 soldiers.


Bizim Yol writes about the decision to close schools and nurseries belonging to the Azerbaijan International Education Complex, administered by SOCAR. The newspaper regards it as closing schools owned by Fatullah Gulen.


Yeni Musavat writes that the program of strategic activities of the State Committee on Religious Affairs provides direct interference in the powers of the Caucasus Muslims Office.


Developer oligarchs displace smaller companies from the market. The construction market in the country is "frozen" as oligarchs import the desired building materials from abroad. –0--

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