Religious activist Ahsan Nuruzade was arrested on  charges of drug use

Baku/10.10.17/Turan: Activist of the Movement "Muslim Unity" Ahsan Nuruzade was arrested on charges of drug trafficking. Turan was informed about this by lawyer Yalchin Imanov.

According to him, on October 6, Nuruzade was detained in the yard of his house by persons in civilian clothes. For three days the lawyer appealed to the police and the courts, trying to establish his place of residence.

Only on the evening of October 9 in Kurdakhani jail they confirmed that Nuruzade was delivered there that day and charged under Article 234.4.3, the investigation is being conducted by the main department for combating the organized crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Narimanov court confirmed that Nuruzade was arrested without specifying when the verdict was passed. The lawyer was refused to provide information which investigator conducts the case, demanding to apply in writing. The lawyer intends to file an appeal against the arrest.

Imanov recalled that since the beginning of the year, the employees of the Chief Department have already twice detained and subjected Nuruzade to administrative arrest.

First time he was detained on January 24, but the lawyer was not informed until the 30th day after the court arrested him for 10 days.

On September 19, Nuruzade was again detained, and again reported about this after the Narimanov court arrested him for 10 days. "During the previous arrests, Nuruzadeh was told that if he does not stop going to the meetings of the National Council and support Tale Bagirzadeh (the leader of the Muslim Unity movement), he will be arrested on a criminal charge," Imanov said.

Article 234.4.3 "Production, acquisition, storage, shipment, transportation or sale of precursors for the purpose of illegal manufacture and processing of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances on a large scale" provides for imprisonment from 5 to 12 years. Toran failed to get comments in the Chief Department. Nuruzade was involved in the coordination of legal and public protection of religious activists arrested in connection with the Nardaran events of 2015-06B--

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