Report Reveals Decline in Domestic Violence Complaints in 2023, Yet Concerns Persist

Report Reveals Decline in Domestic Violence Complaints in 2023, Yet Concerns Persist

The State Committee on Family, Women, and Children's of Azerbaijan Issues has released its annual report for the year 2023, shedding light on the state of domestic violence within the nation. While the report indicates a slight decrease in the number of reported cases compared to the previous year, concerns persist regarding the prevalence and impact of such incidents.

According to the report, the Ministry of Internal Affairs registered 9,389 complaints of domestic violence in 2023, compared to 9,864 complaints in 2022, representing a marginal decline. However, despite this decrease in reported cases, the figures underscore the ongoing challenge of combating domestic violence within the country.

Of the reported cases, 1,386 individuals were prosecuted for domestic violence-related offenses in 2023. This included 88 women and 1,298 men who were brought to justice for committing 1,482 crimes associated with domestic violence. While the number of prosecutions remains significant, it also highlights the gender disparity in the perpetration of such crimes.

The report further reveals that in 2023, 1,224 women and 289 men suffered from domestic violence, highlighting the disproportionate impact on women as victims of such abuse. Among the most alarming findings are incidents of violence stemming from family conflicts and jealousy, which resulted in the victimization of 49 women. Of these cases, 47 involved premeditated murder, one led to suicide, and another resulted in severe intentional harm.

Despite a slight decrease in the number of such incidents compared to the previous year, the report underscores the urgent need for continued efforts to address and prevent domestic violence. Advocates and authorities emphasize the importance of raising awareness, providing support services for survivors, and implementing robust legal measures to hold perpetrators accountable.

The release of the annual report comes amid ongoing national and international efforts to address gender-based violence and promote gender equality. While progress has been made in certain areas, the persistence of domestic violence remains a significant concern that demands sustained attention and action from all sectors of society.



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